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Meet Jessica Martinez, an interior designer and founder of Tinez Farms

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Mrs. Jessica Martinez of Tinez Farms is a successful, dynamic, and Latina entrepreneur that founded Tinez Farms.  The latest and most new farm and event venue to open in South Florida. We had the honor of speaking briefly with Jessica so we caught a glimpse into how Tinez Farms came into being.

What is Tinez Farms?

Tinez Farms is owned and ran by Jessica Martinez. She originally started the farm by looking for land, thinking she'll start growing locally for shops and grocery stores.

Although Jessica Martinez had thought of establishing a farm, it wasn't until years later that an incident inspired her. The inspiration for Tinez Farms came when they leased their property in the neighborhood. A man was renting Jessica Martinez's property and wanted to grow his crops in their backyard.

Jessica Martinez instantly agreed, and since the crops were grown on the block, she and her girls would go almost every day watching the crops grow. When Martinez used to go check out the crops, she realized how organic and natural the process was, eventually inspiring her to grow her crops.

When asked about how long ago this event occurred, Martinez mentioned that it happened around two years ago. She said since she owns a design and construction company, she and her team always did landscape and design work.

Despite their love for landscaping and outdoor activities, their team wanted to give something else a shot; they were interested in learning how crops are grown. When Jessica Martinez and her team were looking for land, they came across abandoned and unkempt places.

Their team picked complicated places to work on the land for ten months. The land they picked was almost like a junkyard, but they spruced it up with their hard work and dedication.

Jessica Martinez on the obstacles she overcame

When speaking about the obstacles she overcame, Jessica Martinez shared some of her biggest challenges while creating Tinez Farms. She said back then, the land wasn't even on the market, and they would get plenty of their construction, like their plans for the landscaping next door.

And then, they came across vacant land and approached the owner, asking if they wanted to lease the land to them. Luckily, the owner agreed, and Jessica Martinez and her team began making Tinez Farms a reality. They nurtured and worked on the land for ten months, and then Easter was just around the corner. So, they decided to open the doors of Tinez Farms on Easter 2021.

Jessica Martinez and her team wanted to make Tinez Farms a community staple, so she chose Easter to inaugurate Tinez Farms. She added they're having a farm festival at Tinez Farms, opening on September 9th.

They'll be conducting several exciting activities perfect for families. Tinez Farms will also host a winter festival to accommodate families in the holidays. Jessica Martinez shares that initially, they didn't have much organic food to offer, but now they're starting a farmer's market where families and individuals can come by every Sunday to buy fresh, clean, organic food.

All vendors at the farmer's market will be the ones that are in line with Martinez's principles and mission. They also have different events for Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc., with the fall festival starting from September 11th until November.

From there, they transition to their Christmas festival and so on. Their events begin from 10 am to 7 p.m., and they're open on Sundays too.

A word of advice from Jessica

She advises Hispanic women like her to do whatever God puts in their hearts. They should follow the part God puts in their heart and not be afraid to pursue a different path.

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