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Meet GiGi Diaz, helping women entrepreneurs achieve Success with Less Stress®

GiGi Diaz a media personality, certified life and business coach and founder of Seizing Happy™ based in Miami, Florida

From print journalism, to television to radio, GiGi Diaz has been in journalism and broadcast since the tender age of 15. Her entrepreneurial journey began right out of high school at 18 years old. Walking these two paths simultaneously has been both beautiful and supremely challenging.

We got the honor of conversing with this successful entrepreneur and got a glimpse into her career and ventures.

Who is GiGi Diaz

GiGi Diaz came from Cuba to Miami, Florida in 1994. She grew up dancing flamenco in Cuba, at La Artistica Gallega, and weeks after arriving in the states she auditioned to compete in Sabado Gigante, the second longest-running Spanish language television show. She won 1st place and was invited to remain part of the children’s team for the show.

She continued her training to include multiple other styles of dance, public speaking, commercials, acting, and modeling. Skills that offered her the opportunity to be cast for commercials like Santa’s Enchanted Forrest, First Union Bank, Frosted Flakes, and others.  

When it came time to go to college and she needed additional income for expenses like books and transportation, she leaned on her dance experience to open her dance studio GiGi’s Academy, celebrating its 20-year anniversary next September and ranked Top 3 Dance Studios in their city for the past 4 consecutive years.

You might be wondering, how did journalism and media become into the picture for GiGi? This was its own adventure.

GiGi was 15 years old, playing solitaire on her clunky Packard Bell computer when her mom, Cecilia stepped into the room and said “We’re opening a newspaper! Your dad will be the photographer and you’ll be the graphic designer since you know how to use the computer!”

The protests were intense but immediately after her first class in graphic design, she fell in love with the process of creating. By seventeen years old she had become a contributing writer for the newspaper interviewing celebrities like Carlos Vives, Pauline Rubio, David Bisbal, and many others. She knew then that journalism would be her career path and passion.

During college, GiGi Diaz continued pursuing her career in journalism and media working as a producer and reporter as well as being featured on networks like AmericaTeve, Telemundo, NBC, and others. She became the first Latina correspondent for the United States Trotting Association covering national races like The Little Brown Jug and The Hambletonian.

Then 9 years ago radio found her and she’s had the opportunity to be on air with Radio Disney, Spanish Broadcasting Systems, and iHeartRadio in multiple cities across the United States both in Spanish and in English.

How was Seizing Happy born?

When asked about how Seizing Happy came into being, GiGi Diaz shared that while shuffling between her academy, television work, and radio show, Diaz decided to pursue her Master's.

It was too much. She experienced severe burnout that affected her to the point of hair loss, breakouts, and even a loss of vision.

The burnout got her thinking about the definition of success and the WHY behind everything that she was doing. Diaz soon realized she was making big bucks but didn't feel fulfilled. She was trying to achieve everyone's definition of success rather than hers. After a long journey of healing and reflection, Diaz discovered the key to achieving Success with Less Stress®. That’s how Seizing Happy came into being.

Diaz shared that once she tapped into her intuitive guidance and applied the systems of business, she found her current path. Diaz is now committed to helping fellow women entrepreneurs do the same; to discover their true definition of success, their WHY, and to achieve their goals confidently.

The 3 C’s

Speaking about Seizing Happy, GiGi shares that she teaches the three Cs at her coaching organization—clarity, confidence, and courage. What sets Seizing Happy apart from other coaching organizations, is that Seizing Happy has a 360 approach to business coaching as it nurtures the business and the woman behind the business equally.

In short, they focus on marketing, business, strategies, rebranding, and other key concepts of running a business but they believe a business is a reflection of its owner. So, if the entrepreneur isn’t in a state of flow and growth, their business can’t be either. Seizing Happy ensures that the woman behind the business becomes a better, stronger, more confident version of themselves to achieve their business goals.

At Seizing Happy, Diaz offers various coaching options from group programs to 1:1 coaching, to online and in-person networking communities.

GiGi’s future plans

When asked where she sees herself in 5 years, Gigi Diaz said she doesn’t believe in timelines. Following her purpose and staying in her authenticity will always lead her in the best direction and this is enough.

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