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Dr. Badia of OrthoNOW® describes the ugly side of the healthcare industry in his book

Dr. Badia of OrthoNOW® is a hand and upper extremity surgeon in Miami, Florida

Dr. Alejandro Badia of OrthoNOW® is a hand and upper extremity surgeon at Badia Hand to Shoulder Center’s in Doral, Florida. Dr. Badia is a Cuban and first moved to Madrid, Spain, before making the big move to the States.

After completing his education and surgical training, he moved to Miami in 1995 to practice medicine. Throughout these 27 years, Dr. Badia has been on the road to success with several achievements. In 2020, he added a book to his list of achievements.

We got the honor of holding a conversation with this skilled practitioner and got a peak into the healthcare and insurance industry through his book.

Dr. Badia penned his book as a public service

Dr. Badia has been in Miami for the past 27 years and knows the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. After spending enough time in this industry, Dr. Badia shares that the current health care system is flawed. He claims people dedicating their services aren’t rewarded. Instead, the people managing or organizing patients are applauded.

That’s why he decided to author his book, “Healthcare from the Trenches.”When his book was released, the biggest obstacle for Dr. Badia was informing the public about it. Even though his book was released within 10 weeks of the lockdown in 2020, it became a huge success.

When Dr. Badia’s book was initially released, it was a bestseller among 15 categories. When speaking about his book, Dr. Badia mentioned it took a lot of research to write it, but at the end of the day, he was just penning down facts and the truth for people to realize and understand.

Dr. Badia has always been candid and hasn’t been afraid or hesitant to speak up about what he thinks and believes. His book “Healthcare from the Trenches” was written for his patients. Despite being an established surgeon, he believes his book will receive acknowledgment and attention when one person is touched and truly understands what the book holds.

Shedding some light on his book, Dr. Badia shares that the first section explains to the readers what doctors and practitioners go through while training to understand how challenging providing health care can get.

Although making a living for a doctor is challenging, Dr. Badia was lucky enough to make the correct business choices. In section 2 of his book, Dr. Badia discusses the government, big hospital systems, and more.

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How do Dr. Badia’s OrthoNOW® iInitiatives help patients?

Dr. Badia established OrthoNOW®, South Florida's first immediate orthopedic urgent care center, with surgeons from the Doral Orthopedic Clinic (DOC) on board. This group of surgeons specialized in the lower extremity, upper limb, and spine subspecialties and treats elective orthopedic issues in international patients.

OrthoNOW® seeks the right strategic buyer/investor to expand nationally but for now, there is a licensing program and, patients can directly connect to Dr. Badia through the app, which has received many national awards.

Through OrthoNOW®, Dr. Badia aims to offer every patient care without them facing problems due to insurance. They want to be on every insurance plan, so every patient has access to quality healthcare.

On the other hand, insurance companies don’t want patients to be treated since there are big bucks involved. That’s why Dr. Badia wrote his book and introduced various initiatives since the insurance industry doesn’t listen to them.

Dr. Badia believes that health insurance delays care for most people as they must authorize the entire process. Therefore, he’s emphasized this in his book, dedicating an entire chapter to it.

You can contact him via to see “what he is doing” and understand the OrthoNOW® model and how he can help YOU go to Catch up with the latest news, events, and more from Miami by subscribing to Calle Ocho News.

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