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MDFR Flood Response & Mayor Daniella Levine Cava provide safety tips for Miami flooding

The MDFR Flood Response has played an integral role in saving and protecting citizens during the Miami flooding

As flooding in Miami continues to affect multiple areas across the region, there are some important updates that you should know more about in regards to this. The Potential Tropical Cyclone One has led to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) using flood response vehicles and strategies across North Miami-Dade to rescue those stranded by urban flooding.

An MDFR rescue truck with rescue workers in a flooded area.

How MDFR flood response is helping locals in North Miami-Dade

MDFR has been using their high water vehicle, supporting people who have been affected by flooding in their homes. Those who’ve been affected by the urban flooding contact 3-1-1. They’re urging people to take extra precautions in areas with heavy localized flooding and encouraging them to remain indoors.

MDFR experts rescue victims of the flooding.

Safety tips for flooding shared by Erika Benitez

Erika Benitez of the Miami Dade Fire Rescue shared some vital safety tips and insights for those affected by the flooding including the following:

Unplug all appliances in affected areas

It’s crucial to unplug all appliances and electrical devices and shut down the power supply if possible, and stay away from all electrical hazards. If there’s no way of shutting the power down, step away.   

Allowing water to recede and opening doors and windows

Once it’s done, let all the water recede and open doors and windows to allow moisture to escape and allow your home to dry. Not doing so can lead to mold buildup and risk.

Removing mattresses, rugs, and other items to dry

Be sure to remove all rugs, mattresses, and other furniture to let it dry outdoors to prevent mold buildup, rot, and further damage.

The team MDFR  team rescues Miami locals.

Additional information

Locals can subscribe to emergency texts or emails and get updates related to public safety issues, public protective actions, or emergency information by signing up for Miami-Dade Alerts.

Residents whose homes or businesses were affected or damaged by Potential Tropical Cyclone One can also fill out the Neighborhood Damage Assessment Form online or via phone, calling 3-1-1 or (305) 468-5900.

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