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Get to know Marylin Dans; Inventor of the Pink Luminous Breast Device

Marylin Dans is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Pink Luminous Breast Advocacy project to educate people about breast cancer awareness

Marylin Dans is the founder and brains behind the Pink Luminous Breast Advocacy Project. She is a seasoned businesswoman who develops cutting-edge technologies a focus on the health, beauty, and safety industries. Her most recent endeavor is focused entirely on community safety. The devotion of Marylin to the early diagnosis of breast abnormalities—including cancer—has earned her both national and global attention.

To inspire people to be mindful of their well-being, Marylin is dedicated to utilizing her voice and expertise as a community leader. She does this by teaching them to be proactive with breast health information.

How did Marylin Dans get her ideas onto a store shelf?

Marylin brings a special combination of expertise, leadership, and vision to the Pink Luminous Breast Advocacy Project and Pink Luminous Breast device, thanks to her more than 30 years of experience working with business partners, physicians, and researchers.

Pink Luminous Advocacy Project is a non-profit promoting breast cancer awareness in regions where access to medical care and education is not commonly available. The non-profit organization gives economically disadvantaged communities in the US and in foreign countries affordable access to possible life-saving technologies like the Pink Luminous Breast device.

She is one of Pink Luminous Breast's co-founders and has devoted the last five years of her life to advocating for leading a breast-aware lifestyle. The trigger was discovering a lump in her breast when she was just 17 years old, prompting surgery. She took the experience and turned it into an organization working toward a goal that will ultimately save lives.

What the Pink Luminous Breast Device is about

Pink Luminous Breast device provides women of all ages with a comfortable, cost-efficient solution to better understand breast health. With the help of the device, women will be able to complete their breast self-examination on a monthly basis with a tool they can easily use.

It is important to diagnose cancer at an early stage to properly treat patients. As the world's first unisex and multilingual self-examining app and device for breasts, the Breast Awareness application broadens access to the potentially life-saving benefits of early diagnosis.

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The device uses ground-breaking technology to provide women with a view of the inside of their breasts while visually inspecting the tissue for abnormalities. The hemoglobin in the blood magnifies tiny portions of the light that travel through the breast. This might highlight possible issues like dark clusters that could signify possible lumps and abnormalities that enhance blood flow to dense spots.

For more details on Marylin Dans's Pink Luminous Breast device and how you can support continuing initiatives visit their website.

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