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AHA says Marijuana use is connected to a higher risk of heart attack and heart failure

Growing marijuana use nationwide has sparked research into the link with heart disease

About 78 million Americans report using marijuana at least once in their lives. This bud has been touted by frequent users, healers, and enthusiasts alike for its healing properties, holistic benefits such as pain management, and more.

However, more recently, marijuana use has been linked to a number of health crises nationwide, from relatively milder problems like anxiety to major issues like heart disease, heart attacks, and heart failure.  

Increased research indicates a strong link between marijuana use and heart failure and attacks

Multiple studies have been conducted examining the strong link between marijuana use and heart diseases and conditions such as attacks and failure. The focus is particularly on two new studies by the American Heart Association, one of which outlines how daily marijuana use increased the risk of heart failure for one-third of users. It looked at other contributing factors, but the biggest indicator was daily use.

The second study looked at older users, particularly those with a history or presence of either Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, and/or high cholesterol. This study determined that the use of marijuana increased the likelihood of heart or brain events, such as heart attacks, strokes, etc.

A person holds a marijuana plant that is growing.

The need for broaching marijuana use with caution and skepticism

There are several almost undeniable benefits of marijuana use, ranging from reducing inflammation and blood pressure to managing seizures, stress, and anxiety. Many people use it for both medicinal and recreational purposes--and to good effect.

However,  there is a need for caution and skepticism, too. There’s growing evidence of the dangers of excessive, continual, and daily use, including heart disease and events like heart failure, which simply cannot be ignored. It’s crucial to err on the side of caution and be wary of claims about its health benefits.

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