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Manuel Herrán of Sedano’s Supermarket will be missed

Manuel Herrán

On Oct. 15, Manuel Herrán of Sedano’s Supermarket passed away, surrounded by his family and loved ones, at 83. If the name sounds familiar to you, you likely know Herrán as the Chairman of Sedano’s Supermarkets, the largest Hispanic supermarket chain in the United States.

That success was due to the continuous determination and heart that Herrán put into building Sedano’s Supermarkets to be what it is today. He was a leader to his team and many in the world of business who viewed him with love and respect and saw him as an extraordinary man who started from nothing and made something so meaningful out of it. 

Sedano’s Supermarkets is the place where Hispanics go to get a taste of home. The aisles are stacked with ingredients and food that customers know all too well. A mix of English and Spanish is spoken throughout the store because it feels familiar and comfortable to customers as well as staff. Many patrons found comfort in going to his stores, whether from Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, or any other Hispanic country.

Herrán created a place for all cultures to unite. 

Beyond unity, Herrán’s efforts promoted inclusion, as he was always willing to hire immigrants in his stores. He wanted to allow them to come to the U.S. to have a better life. 

“My father worked tirelessly, teaching us perseverance by his example and the value of the word,” said Agustín Herrán, his son, and CEO of Sedano’s Supermarkets. “It comforts us to remember his great love for family and to know that his legacy will continue inspiring future generations.”

This inspiration will surely hold, as generations continue to shop in Sedano’s Supermarkets and recognize the history within its walls, a history built by Manuel Herrán himself. 

A private funeral service for Herrán took place on Oct. 17. His family and loved ones appreciate all the condolences that they receive and hope that each community member impacted by Herrán will remember him, his influence, and his never-ending passion. 

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