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Lyft Driver in Miami Beach Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Female Passenger

A Lyft driver in Miami Beach has been arrested on charges of sexual assault against a female passenger

Kevin Rojas, a Lyft driver in Miami Beach in his late 20s, has been arrested on charges of sexual assault as of this Tuesday. The accused has been charged with raping a female passenger after picking her up from a Wynwood bar. Take a look at some of the proceedings and details about the case so far:

The incident as it was reported

According to police reports, the assault survivor is a tourist from Texas who had traveled to Miami. Although staying at a hotel on Collins Avenue, she went to Wynwood and met up with a friend at a bar.

When she felt sick after a few drinks, she called Lyft to get a ride back to her hotel. Rojas picked up the woman and proceeded to make comments before she fell asleep in the backseat. However, she woke up when she heard the notification on his phone alerting them that they had arrived at her destination, only to then see him pass by her hotel and drive around instead.

Rojas then proceeded to climb into the backseat and assault the woman, who tried fighting him off but was unable to do so. Following the incident, he dropped her off at her hotel, where she immediately reported it to the police.

How law enforcement is handling it

Police reports of the Lyft driver in Miami Beach say that the report checks out with evidence gathered from surveillance footage and other sources. On Tuesday, he was arrested by law enforcement and had to surrender both his US and Colombian passports.

Additionally, he is being held at a $500,000 bond as he awaits further developments in the case.

Lyft has issued a statement expressing their disapproval and horror at the incident and reiterated their screening and hiring process. They have assured the public that Rojas has been permanently removed from the community and is no longer affiliated with the company.

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