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Lupe Bruneman helps many find the right health insurance

Lupe Bruneman is a Medicare Insurance broker and healthcare consultant who has been in the industry for over 31 years. She is licensed to represent most national insurance Medicare carriers in Florida and Texas.

Most of her clients are ages 65 and older, but she also helps many individuals who have low-income apply for state and federal assistance. As Regional Manager for Advocate Health Advisors, Lupe manages ten insurance agencies and 105 health insurance brokers who are licensed to sell Medicare insurance in South Florida.

Finding the right coverage for yourself and your loved ones can be quite challenging. There are many options with different benefits and costs. For this reason, it is always recommended that one seek the assistance of a licensed and experienced broker. There are policies and plans you may not find or get if it weren’t for the services of someone like Lupe Bruneman. 

“In my job, I ultimately help people receive richer medical benefits they would otherwise not have received if they were not represented.” 

Lupe Bruneman Regional Manager for Advocate Health Advisors
Lupe Bruneman

After so many years in the industry, Bruneman has become a subject-matter expert, and she is ready to share that expertise with you! People need to get informed, ask questions, and be cautious of the information that is being delivered through radio and T.V. about healthcare. Bruneman urges that you “ask the people who are giving you healthcare information to prove what they are saying and representing.”

There may be times when people think they cannot afford a healthcare plan or feel that they don’t have choices. The process can be very overwhelming and confusing. However, there are many options that they may not have considered because they’re not working with the right professional.  

“There are many healthcare options. If individuals are feeling limited or like they “can’t” access medical care, they need to push back and question this because there are many options available to Medicare recipients. I love what I do because I help people find the best healthcare solutions for themselves. I also love that I am able to assist people who are low income find healthcare resources to help cover their medical and prescription drug costs.

Lupe Bruneman Regional Manager for Advocate Health Advisors

If you are worried about your health coverage, you can contact Lupe Bruneman by phone at 305-726-4749. She is very committed and ready to help you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. 

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