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Meet the vibrant Liza of CREATIVAS Group Public Relations, Branding, and Events

Liza Santana-Piñeres CEO of CREATIVAS Group is a powerhouse of talent and creativity when it comes to getting your brand the visibility it deserves

Liza Santana-Piñeres is the founder behind CREATIVAS Group Public Relations, Branding, and Events and has been working in the industry for over twenty years now.

We sat down with Liza and spoke about a little about her work, her passions, her career, and it was everything and more.

How did Liza Santana-Piñeres become CREATIVAS Group

A fashion designer by profession, she was always curious about how she could market her clothing and designs better. This eventually led her to working and interning with multiple media outlets and in all areas of media, from print to digital, and she eventually fell in love with communications.

Since then, she has worked with some of the largest publications in Miami and eventually decided to phase out and launch her very own public relations business known as CREATIVAS Group Public Relations, Branding, and Events.

Liza of Creativas
Liza Santana-Pineres CEO of Creativas Public Relations, Branding, and Events

What are some words of wisdom that she has to share with us?

One of the biggest pieces of advice she shared was for businesses and individuals running them: you can’t be or do everything on your own.

This may seem redundant, but it’s true that in an increasingly digital era, we like to think we know better, and we know all there is to know about marketing and social media, but that’s what makes us fall behind. She encourages businesses of all scales and sizes to find an agency or PR person they’re comfortable with and let them handle their online presence. She admits that it’s tough doing that and letting things go, but as a business owner, delegation and prioritizing are key.

She tells mid-sized companies to think about their brands as their babies and find someone who understands that, helping them put their best foot forward, representing them better, and more.

As for small companies and startups with budgetary constraints, CREATIVAS Group provides a no-strings-attached consultation, outlining and mapping a route for short-term goals. She provides services on a project-by-project basis and at discounted rates, as well as collaborative services with agencies and individuals thanks to their incredible network.

Interesting industry trends Liza shares

Surprisingly, this is a great time for businesses in this industry because people are hungry for work and eager to hire companies such as hers. Media is an exciting place to be post-COVID, despite the standstill brought on by the pandemic. From saying goodbye to events and activations to witnessing a major resurgence in digital and online marketing. However, events did make their way back, and advertising and communications amped up too. She expects marketing events such as activations to make a major comeback.

Another valuable factor that sets her 360-full-service agency apart is that they’re a multicultural firm which allows them to collaborate with other agencies and companies so its a win win for all.

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