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Lionel Messi decides to move to MLS

Lionel Messi announces that he will go to Miami to join Major League Soccer

Lionel Messi is the most coveted and sought-after free agent in soccer (football) history. He has announced that he will join Inter Miami during an interview with MundoDeportivo and Sport. His decision ended the speculation about his future, with the footballing legend choosing not to wait for FC Barcelona to sort out their financial issues to submit an offer and accept Inter Miami's offer instead.

Continue reading to find out what this move means for Miami and the Argentinian star.

Leaving Europe to focus on himself

Lionel Messi wanted to go back to his beloved team FC Barcelona after leaving PSG, but it didn't work out as the club isn't unable to afford him based on La Liga's financial rules and the club's ongoing financial troubles. Now he wants to leave Europe to focus on himself and his family.

According to The Athletic report, the MLS club will sign him up using a creative pitch involving Apple and Adidas, which has also worked with Messi before signing a lifetime deal in 2017. The 35-year-old sports star revealed that he never considered offers from other European clubs.

He decided to leave European soccer after winning the FIFA World Cup in Qatar since that was the only missing jewel in his crown. Now he wants to experience the US league and enjoy his life away from the spotlight. There is also a possibility of former Barca teammates who have left the club recently, joining Messi in Miami.

Though MLS doesn't have the same level of competition as European soccer, the Argentine star has an exciting business opportunity with an expected clause concerning his potential club ownership, just like David Beckham, who became Inter Miami club president after leaving Real Madrid in 2007.

Messi's jersey

Inter Miami: Why and what does it mean?

Inter Miami is dead last but is sitting with 6 points with plenty of games remaining. This deficit is attainable, and with Messi's announcement, the odds have started to shift. The club also advanced to the US Open Cup semifinals with a 1-0 win against Birmingham Legion.

The decision to join Inter Miami doesn't entirely have to do with sport per se. He could have joined a better league in Europe, but he wants to get out of the spotlight. That doesn't mean Messi won't get swarmed in Miami, but he'll have more peace in his everyday life.

Miami is a great home for the Argentine because of Argentinian restaurants, direct flights to and from Argentina, tons of natives, and stores that sell items from his homeland.

With his contract with PSG ending on June 30, he can transfer to MLS on July 5. Other former Barca friends, including Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and Luis Suarez, might join him. However, the MLS team will have to make changes to its roster to make it work.

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