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La Familia Pawn and Jewelry “THEY MAKE IT A HABIT TO NEVER SAY NO”

La Familia Pawn and Jewelry

Just recently a close relative decided to do some spring cleaning.  I was recruited to help and in the process, I learned A LOT. When she realized she had a bunch of high-end purses and a bunch of not so high-end purses in her closet as well as jewelry and nice clothes she no longer used she decided to pawn them and try to get something for them. I thought BRILLIANT! Neither her nor I are a big fan of clutter, so I decided to reallocate some of my assets as well and join in on the fun of de-cluttering. I figured I would donate some of it and sell the higher priced items which I had a harder time letting go of.

La Familia Pawn and Jewelry

For this we decided to call on La Familia Pawn and Jewelry. I knew I would not get what I paid for these items, but I would get something that I can use towards something I am more interested in these days. I saw their store as I was driving through the streets of Miami.

We had the pleasure of being greeted by Jose Guerrero who just so happens to be the regional manager in charge of all South Florida. He was extremely helpful! I was a bit embarrassed at first, I think he noticed. I immediately started volunteering a bunch of information as to why I was trying to get money for these items. He immediately knew what to say and made me feel at home and comfortable.

In my opinion, Jose is as real as it gets in Miami. We got to talking and I learned that many people depend on the service he is providing to the community. Many professionals such as attorneys, realtors, people with credit issues and the like who work on commission depend on places like this to make ends meet a lot of times and more often than one would think. It is not easy being a small business owner these days. With pressing issues like the need to make payroll or the paying of other overhead expenses, it’s nice to know you can have a very practical and possible back up plan if need be.

"Our clients are usually the most honest of people just trying to do the right thing without having to ask anyone else for help."
- Jose Guerrero

Jose explained that “Sometimes this is the only option available because to some people its preferable to pawn things than to ask for money. Our clients are usually the most honest of people just trying to do the right thing without having to ask anyone else for help. These are the hardest of workers who want to pay back. A lot of them do not get paid until they resolve a case, or close on a property. Some just lose their jobs all together and need a little bit of time to get things back up and running smoothly.

Just Like Family

I saw a whole other perspective to La Familia Pawn and Jewelry. They really do become like YOUR FAMILY.

La Familia Pawn and Jewelry is based out of Orlando Florida and has been since 2009. They don’t like to say no and will work with you to figure out a way to say yes.  La Familia Pawn and Jewelry works with low incomes by providing flexible payment plans and lay away options; even taking large items such cars, motorcycles, or boats. On ebay you can find them under LAFAMILIAPAWN305.

According to Jose, they have never been about profits. They are active members of the community and every year on Thanksgiving they give away turkeys to those less fortunate. They would like to be considered as a resource “like a credit card you use when you need”.  When asked what he likes most about his job he said “I like the feeling of appreciation I get when I help someone” he says “people really appreciate the help and I like giving it so if you have something you want us to hold because you need some extra cash or of you just want some cash for getting rid of things you no longer use come by WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO NEVER SAY NO

Rosi R. Rodriguez


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