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Know more about El Show de Carlucho on Univista TV

Rosi and Carlucho in Univista TV Studios

 El Show de Carlucho on Univista TV is reaching the masses thanks to Ivan Herrera of Univista Insurance and now Univista TV.

Before we begin I want to say, I hope you are living and laughing your way through life but most of all that you are taking a break from work to spend quality time with your family or maybe even read the newspaper.  While we are on this topic of laughter, I want to tell you how important laughter is to your soul and who you can watch on internet TV to put a smile on your face at the end of your day. He goes by the name of “Carlucho” from El Show de Carlucho on Univista TV.

He goes by the name of “Carlucho” and he says he came to this country for one reason and one reason alone, “To make people laugh.” Carlucho has been even more popular these days since he started El Show de Carlucho on Univista TV. I was really excited to be on set with him conducting our interview, it can be very exciting to a growing entity like ours.  We love to watch the growth of our community partners and feel inspired by their accomplishments.  So, after congratulating him on the launch of the show I asked Carlucho how it was going, and I learned that El Show de Carlucho is growing steadily.  He said he had no idea that digital TV had the capability of reaching a world-wide audience or that these opportunities existed.

He also added, “This new project is made possible by Ivan Herrera.  He is completely responsible for inspiring and motivating me to be involved in this. Ivan is the founder and creator of Univista Insurance and now Univista TV. What started out as a temporary idea has become something I plan to be involved with for a very long time.”

Carlucho feels that everyone involved in this new project is confident in its continued growth and success because they are providing a platform for talent such as newcomer, Omar Moynelo who is a great presenter and Cuban actor and Orlando Urdaneta of the Venezuelan media as well as others who will slowly join to collaborate and own their own space in this digital world. It is a whole new world that is becoming more and more common and was not possible until the last couple of years because it proves to be reaching more and more people.

Carlucho expands further on what makes the show so cutting edge, “I think what makes it so innovative is that we are producing a television show in a digital world.  We feared that people would not accept it, but I think and see the demand is there with stats like 22k or 23k viewers each show. These are numbers that conventional TV does not make possible.  I believe ratings are over rated because by the time you compare age, demographics, or even apples to apples the viewers are greater on the digital side.”  He even expressed that another benefit of digital TV is that you can capture the audiences’ reactions, comments, etc. because the digital world is much more interactive. You know who is viewing your content when they are viewing your content because most of these viewers are viewing on their phone’s, so they are literally holding you in their hands.

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Having filmed approximately 30 shows already and having added sets like comedy and more serious topics with a comedic twist like a legal segment their big plans do not stop there.  They are currently using a temporary studio provided by Dr. Ventura de Paz and are so appreciative of him because he literally told them that they could use his space to launch the show until the new space was ready. They are very grateful to everyone that has come together to make this possible. It goes to show that when people believe in people or in something, they pull all their resources together to help them achieve a goal that is for the greater good. Internet TV really is better for everyone in the long run because it’s cheaper for both the advertisers and the audiences as well as reaches more people. Carlucho says that the people that surround him and the show, can call themselves advertisers, sponsors or whatever title this world gives them, but the relationships that have developed throughout this process defines them as friends and family.  He feels that sharing life’s good and bad moments and getting through them together builds irreplaceable bonds so in the end what is built is a family.

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“I feel appreciated and honored to have El Show de Carlucho be chosen by Ivan Herrera to launch Univista TV. I saw how successful he has been with Univista Insurance and their now 147 agencies and I feel confident that he knows what he is doing and so I am proud to be part of it. It is nice to see that what one person or entity rejects another appreciates.  I feel very appreciated where I am these days, but I also appreciate the many steps I have taken to get here, and I wish no one any bad. On the contrary…”

El Show de Carlucho airs at 7 PM on Univista TV, every day on YouTube. Through other platforms, such as Facebook, they also engage the public on teaching them how to use their smartphones and other tasks during community events that happen periodically.


Rosi R. Rodriguez
Editor in chief

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