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Knaus Berry Farms:40-year-old son brutally beats Rachel and Herbert Knaus

Rachel Knaus Grafe, the owner of the Knaus Berry Farms we all frequent and love, was assaulted in a horrific manner by her own son with a flashlight. He was later arrested but the attack was so severe he nearly put an end to her life. That was not all, after he beat his mother he moved on to his father Herbert Knaus.

Learn more about the Knaus Berry Farm incident below:

The son whose name is Travis Grafe, 40, supposedly beat his mother with a flashlight. After assaulting his mother, he then reportedly attacked his father, Herbert.

"He demanded money from them and then beat them both," the officer said.

The incident occurred around 6 p.m. when the family lives in the home located at 15700 block of SW 248th Street in the Redlands. Rachel, 66, is in critical condition after being flown to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Herbert's injuries were less severe, according to reports.

After attacking both his parents with a flashlight, Travis Grafe ran from the home located next to their farm and store in Homestead.

"He fled in a golf cart to a neighbor's residence, where he told the neighbor, `I just killed my mother".

The neighbor informed law enforcement who arrested Grafe and then booked him into the county jail Saturday morning on one count of premeditated attempted murder, two counts of aggravated battery and attempted strongarm robbery.

Knaus Berry Farm is known for its cinnamon rolls and other items. It is somewhere Miami locals visit regularly. Knaus Berry Farms was first opened in 1959 by the Knaus family and has remained within the family for generations.

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