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Kesaya, the mystery tech company to add 3,400 jobs in Miami-Dade County

Kesaya receives millions in subsidies in exchange for massive job creation in Miami

Miami-based mystery tech company, Kesaya, has received subsidies worth $4.6 million from Miami-Dade County for its hiring spree. Announced last week, this arrangement will facilitate a tech boom to support the locals.

Kesaya is a software-making company that aids businesses in managing their IT systems and security. The company will create 3,400 jobs in the county. More about the news is below.

Subsidies to create employment opportunities

Miami-Dade County's tax-funded subsidy worth millions requires Kesaya to create a plan, follow through and meet the conditions. The Commissioner approved the incentives, but the mystery tech company's name wasn't announced then.

The executive vice president for marketing communications, Xavier Gonzalez, said that all the jobs will be full-time and new. Moreover, the process will complete over the course of three years. The new pledged jobs are Miami-based, and working remotely is out of the question since Kesaya is an in-house firm.

This massive hiring plan is a blessing in disguise as the other larger tech and software companies undergo massive layoffs. Kesaya's growth during this turbulent time is reflective of the favorable business environment, top talent, and economic health that Miami-Dade offers to them.

An employee working on software development

Kesaya's journey to Miami: What's in it for locals?

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2000, Kesaya relocated its offices to Miami in 2015. The company had 50 employees at that time but experienced immense growth.

Presently, this tech company is based in the financial hub of Miami, a.k.a. Brickell, and continues to expand its facility downtown in the financial center of Wells Fargo. Employing over 4,500 workers today, Kesaya's worldwide clientele inspired a discussion between Russian and US Presidents in 2021 following a ransomware attack on the firm.

With the new plan, this tech firm's Miami-based headquarters will employ more than 4,000 workers – a massive growth from 800 employees. The annual compensation is expected to be $107,000 for the jobs.

With the hiring spree kick-started, the company will onboard more employees – engineers and tech talent as well as jobs in corporate headquarters in operations, marketing, and finance departments.

Jobs are open to anyone willing to relocate, but candidates must be based in Miami. To fill the positions, Kesaya has built rapport with Miami Dade College, local higher education institutes, and Florida International University.

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