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Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson street naming ceremony for Women’s History Month

Miami-Dade commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins honors Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson by naming a street after her for Women's History Month

Miami-Dade County Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins honored associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson with a street naming ceremony on March 6, 2023, at 10 a.m.

The board of county commissioners approved the Miami-Dade commissioner’s legislation to co-designate 184th street as “Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Street” in October 2022. Here’s more about the news.

Breaking the glass ceiling

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States marked a historic moment for the entire nation and South Dade.

Raised in South Dade, Justice Jackson is the 1st black woman to be appointed as an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court. She’s also the 1st Supreme Court justice from the county. The street naming ceremony allowed South Dade and Miami-Dade County to honor and recognize her incredible accomplishment.

Commissioner Cohen Higgins referred to her as a beacon of hope and inspiration as a mother, woman of color, lawyer, and public servant. According to her, now is the best time to honor and recognize Justice Jackson as Women’s History Month has kick-started.

Ryan Holloway and Armando Rodriguez Miami Dade County Photographer 1280x854 - Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson street naming ceremony for Women’s History Month
Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson by Ryan Holloway and Armando Rodriguez, Miami-Dade County Photographer

Justice Ketanji’s journey to greatness

Born and raised in South Dade, where her parents reside, Justice Jackson started her career in law with clerkships. Before being appointed to the Court of Appeals, she also served as a district judge for the District Court of the District of Columbia, United States.

She’s vice-chaired the United States Sentencing Commission and has been part of the Harvard Board of Oversees. She’s both the first black woman and former federal public defender to be on the Supreme Court.

She accepted Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins’ invitation to recognize her accomplishments by naming Eureka Drive (the street between Caribbean Boulevard and Old Cutler Road) as “Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Street” during women’s history month. This ceremony begins to recognize her impact in furthering women’s cause and serves as an assurance to little girls and women that they can dream big.

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