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Arrest warrant issued for a “friend” of Shanquella Robinson, who was found dead in a vacation rental in Mexico

The autopsy revealed that Shanquella Robinson the 25-year-old North Carolina woman had sustained neck and spine trauma

The FBI has confirmed that they have issues an arrest warrant and begin extraditionopened an investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old woman from North Carolina who was found dead while vacationing with her college friends in Mexico.

According to Shanquella’s father, she had spoken to her mother on the phone the day before the incident, on Friday morning, October 28. She was found dead the next day in a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas.

The FBI’s Charlotte division has launched an investigation to get to the bottom of the incident.

Shanquella Robinson’s friends blamed it on alcohol poisoning

Robinson traveled to Mexico with her college friends from Winston Salem State University for a birthday celebration. They had booked a luxury villa through and were staying there.

According to local news, Shanquella’s friends called her mother and informed her that she hadn’t been feeling well and had had alcohol poisoning.

However, the autopsy report revealed that Robinson had a broken neck and a severed spine. In an email, State Attorney General’s Office for Baja California Sur confirmed that the death was caused by this spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.

Her friends left for the US while her body was held in Mexico for another two weeks.

Shanquella Robinson
Photo: Shanquella Robinson Instagram

A circulating video shows Shanquella Robinson being assaulted

Gerald Jackson, a blogger in North Carolina, posted a sensitive 18-second video of a woman violently attacking Robinson.

A person in the background is heard asking Quella to at least fight back as she’s hurdled to the floor.

The video has set social media on fire, with thousands demanding justice for Robinson.

According to her friends, they had found Robinson unconscious on the floor, and the concierge had called a doctor who could not revive her. Her death certificate issued in Cabo said nothing about intoxication or alcohol poisoning.

Shanquella Robinson’s funeral was held on Saturday, November 19, in Charlotte, and hundreds of people showed up to pay their respects.

No one has been charged for her death yet but the public outcry on social media is great with the hashtag #justiceforshanquellarobinson going viral. Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the suspect whom is a US Citizen living in the United States.

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