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Jorge Fors is ready to lead District 6 and couldn’t be better endorsed

Jorge Fors is an attorney at law and currently holds the office of City Commissioner in Coral Gables, here is why he wants to join the Miami-Dade County Commission

Jorge Fors Jr. is currently a partner at FORS | ATTORNEYS AT LAW in Coral Gables the same city he lives and holds office in as city commissioner.  Having 4 years of politics under his belt he is ready to kick things up a notch and so he will be running in the upcoming elections on August 23rd.  

This election is a pretty big deal for Miami-Dade County because out of 12 commissioners that serve on the commission 6 are terming out. Jorge Fors is running for the District 6 seat which is currently held by Rebecca Sosa who will be stepping down after 20 years.

Let’s get to know Jorge Fors a little bit better:

Who is Jorge Fors?

An attorney at law, a family man, and a passionate citizen, Jorge Fors has been working in his community for over a decade but decided to run for City Commission in 2019 with the desire to help the people around him.

He has been at the forefront of numerous civic and professional organizations and formerly served as the President and Ex-Officio Board Member of the Coral Gables Bar Association and holds membership in the Cuban American Bar, and the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar.

He has also been called a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers Magazine every year since 2018, which is the same year he was presented with a Fellowship for the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar and became a judicial intern to Florida Supreme Court Justice Peggy A. Quince.

However, he soon realized that despite being responsible for so much, ultimately, the decision for a lot of things rested with the Miami-Dade County Commission.

What makes Jorge Fors a great candidate for District 6?

Because the public gets to be educated on the stance of different individuals up for election and decide who the best leader will be few things matter more than the endorsements each candidate can achieve.

Jorge Fors has the endorsement of Manolo Reyes, the West Miami and Coral Gables Commission, the Mayor of Virginia Gardens, the PBA (Police Benevolent Association), the Fraternal Order of Police which includes all 30,000 Miami-Dade County Police and Fire fighters. Last but certainly not least is that he has the endorsement of Rebeca Sosa the current Commissioner for District 6 whom has been serving in this role for 20 years.  

Fors has called District 6 his home for over 20 years. He was raised here and chose to raise his family here as well, deciding to step up for his neighborhood, community, and supporters.

Among the issues he really wants to work on, is the Ludlam Trail Project and helping the older demographic that makes up a large percent of the local population through social infrastructure.

He refers to his district as the spine of the County, which holds true both literally and metaphorically since it’s geographically a long area, but also home to arguably the most important economic engine in the region: the Miami International Airport.

His experience as an elected official in a major city like Coral Gables  is a show of his exemplary leadership skills and qualities, his legal qualifications and understanding of the law make him a strong policymaker, and lastly, he holds an independent, impartial political position.  

District 6 comprises the following cities and regions:

  • Coral Gables
  • West Miami
  • Miami Springs
  • Virginia Gardens
  • Parts of Hialeah and the City of Miami
  • Various unincorporated areas

With a strong list of supporters and endorsements from experienced commissioners and politicians, he’s definitely someone to keep an eye out on.

It’s important to know your candidates before you cast your votes this August and November, and you can always reach out to Fors @commissionerfors on Instagram to know more about his policies, outlooks, and the issues he plans to highlight.

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