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Joe Carollo found guilty, groups urge him to resign

Community members, elected officials and business owners called forJoe Carollo to be removed or resign

The jury found Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo guilty of harassing two Little Havana businessmen, Martin Pinilla and William Fuller. According to the jury verdict, he’s responsible for First Amendment rights violation.

Activists, business owners, community members, and elected officials urge Carollo to resign. Will he resign? Who will pay $63 million in damages? Continue reading this post to find out.

Miami residents urge Carollo to resign

Following a two-month-long civil lawsuit, the jury found Miami Commissioner guilty. As a result, business owners, activist groups, and residents of Miami are calling on Joe Carollo to resign or be removed from his office.

During a conference outside City Hall, the groups demanded the Department of Justice carry out an investigation against Joe Carollo. Community Advocate Damian Pardo asserted that they want the commissioner to resign or to be removed from his office. Business owner Daniel Figueredo stated that Joe Carollo isn’t a good example of “what a public servant is or should be.”

Pardo also reiterated the role of a true public servant, stating that instead of using community resources for ego-driven initiatives and petty vendettas, the City of Miami deserves a representation that cares about its people and the problems they struggle with daily.

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Carollo’s reaction to public outcry and damages

Carollo appeared on a local Spanish TV station and reacted to the jury verdict and public outcry. He said the damages are absurd. He also said that the City of Miami should consider itself lucky for having him as a commissioner, to which a Miami-Dade Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board member Marvin Tapia said that they get to decide whether they feel lucky or not. He also said that this statement speaks a great deal about him and how he runs his office.

The City of Miami office released a statement explaining that they believe every elected official is entitled to the defense until the appellate process completes. The office also announced that they would appeal the verdict to ensure Miami enforces its code and guarantees the well-being of visitors and residents.

Joe Carollo laughed off the public’s demand for his resignation and said that the $63 million judgment will be overturned and neither he nor the City of Miami would pay this amount.

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