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Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo fails to testify in his own trial on week 3

Joe Carollo did not appear during the third week of his own trial

Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo did not appear during the third week of his civil trial. The commissioner has been sued for millions along with potential punitive damages by Little Havana’s business owners, Martin Pinilla, and William Fuller.

Carollo’s attorney provided a health-related excuse for his absence from the trial. Get all the details of this trial’s recent development below.

Joe Carollo, a no-show at his civil trial

On Tuesday, the Miami commissioner did not appear to testify in the Miami federal courtroom 13-4 at his own trial. Joe Carollo is being sued for $2.5 million for allegedly using his power and office to harass and destroy the businesses of Little Havana’s two property owners.

He was also on the witness list for a mistrial on the same day. His legal team raised a claim regarding juror or witness intimidation associated with this trial.

Carollo’s attorney informed the court about the reason for his absence, saying that the commissioner had an asthma attack. Carollo has been showing up for the trial each day up until Tuesday. His absence on Tuesday was owing to his medical examination, according to Carollo’s attorney Marc Sarnoff.

The judge, however, repeatedly asked that Carollo should appear and testify before District Court, noting that his own daughter suffers the same illness. Later in the afternoon, Judge Rodney Smith sent the jurors home stating that the trial would resume on Wednesday morning.

Jury seating area

Mistrial motion and juror intimidation

William Fuller and Martin Pinilla filed a lawsuit against Joe Carollo for using code enforcement to punish these property owners for supporting his political opponent during the 2017 elections.

The commissioner’s mistrial motion, on the other hand, claims that one of the jurors was followed and confronted by Fuller’s business partner. The juror spoke to other jurors before informing the judge. Commissioner’s attorney identified the man as Fuller’s Ball & Chain Night Club co-owner.

Last Tuesday, Carollo Foe was followed by private detectives after testifying against Jo Carollo. The former Police Chief Art Acevedo called this witness intimidation.

This civil trial has taken many unexpected twists and turns. The judge has warned jurors to steer clear of any news or discussion with family or friends. The trial will continue on Wednesday.

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