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Joe Carollo fails to show up at his own trial on week 3

Joe Carollo is being charged for harassing several Little Havana business owners

On Tuesday, during week 3 of his federal hearing at the Wilkie D. Ferguson Jr. U.S. Courthouse, Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo failed to take the stand in his own defense. The commissioner's absence raised questions and alarms among everyone present. Carollo is accused of exploiting public resources to undermine the success of two Little Havana entrepreneurs.

Read on to learn about the charges against Carollo and why didn't show up at it below.

The allegations against Joe Carollo pile on

William Fuller and Martin Pinilla, two of Little Havana's top commercial proprietors, are suing Carollo for $2.5 million and possible punitive penalties. The individuals allege that the commissioner utilized code enforcement to hurt their companies after they supported Carollo's 2017 runoff opponent Alfonso "Alfie" Leon.

Carollo's mistrial motion stated that one of the jurors was approached by Fuller's business associate in a downtown Miami parking lot.

Carollo's absence at his trial explained

Miami Commissioner Joe Carollo, who is being sued for millions for allegedly trying to damage the companies of two local property owners, failed to attend his trial on Tuesday. The very day that Carollo appeared on the witness list, his legal team requested a mistrial, alleging the second accusation of a witness or jury intimidation linked with a three-week hearing.

His lawyer explained his absence. Attorney Marc Sarnoff informed Judge Rodney Smith that Carollo experienced an asthma episode and had to see a doctor.

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