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Magical evening for Zion & Lennox made possible by Jack Daniel’s

Zion & Lennox have paired up with the giant spirits brand Jack Daniel's for a series and concert

In an exciting new collaboration, Zion & Lennox, the iconic Puerto Rican reggaeton duo, has paired up with Jack Daniel’s, the equally iconic liquor and spirits maker. The company hosted a private dinner to mark this special collaboration.

Who are Zion & Lennox?

The Latin music duo features Félix Gerardo Ortiz Torres, who goes by Zion, and his musical other-half, Gabriel Pizarro, aka Lennox, both of whom originate from Carolina, Puerto Rico. They have been making music and carving their own niche for over twenty years now and are largely to be credited for trailblazing the genre, contributing to it, and shaping it to be as we know it today.

Their music led to reggaeton becoming more mainstream in the 2000s, and Jack Daniel’s acknowledged their role in that through a concert in February and a content series known as Jack Daniel’s Presenta.  

Zion and Lennox Gentlemen’s Jack

Details about the dinner

The uniquely designed celebration dinner experience titled “Más Que Una Cita,” referring to the duo’s son was hosted on April 7th at Michelle Bernstein’s restaurant, “La Cañita.”   

It was a night of incredible food and fun, topped off with Gentleman Jack cocktails. Guests, including Zion and Lennox, got photographed, interacted with the press and media, and wrapped it all up with amazing Casa Cuevas Cigars.

Jack Daniel’s also recently hosted an event celebrating the top 50 Latinas who’ve worked for the community in different ways in honor of Women’s History Month. Subscribe to our newsletter for important news updates, local events, and much more.

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