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It’s spooky season for Halloween events in Miami

This year, Halloween events in Miami will be scarier than usual.

Not only are you going to see people roaming around in scary costumes, experience haunted houses, or watch frightening movies, but you’ll also have to stay wary of deluded anti-maskers who don’t believe COVID-19 is a threat spicing up Halloween events in Miami. Check out this list of some of the best fall events in Miami today!

Now that’s a Halloween!

But if this life-threatening ordeal isn’t enough to satisfy your thrill for Halloween there are several ways you can do it responsibly at several Halloween events in Miami. Since COVID-19 has redefined what we used to call normal, we all need to behave responsibly so we can neutralize the threat this virus poses. Just like every other social gathering, the Halloween events in Miami this year have taken the COVID-19 threat into consideration.


To make sure you stay safe, this haunted house is a drive-thru experience. It has 6-7 detailed scenes that will be completely contactless. All you have to do upon reaching these scenes is to turn off your car and wait for the show to start. 

Some of the settings you can expect from this scene are:

  • Zombie
  • Christmas
  • Cemetery
  • Carnival

Once the lights of your car go off – the show comes to life. You can expect a total of 80 actors who will put on a show for you while making sure COVID-19 SOPs aren’t disrupted (yes – even monsters are afraid of the Coronavirus).

 This event is going to be held at Miramar National Park and the tickets cost between $39 and $69 depending on the car you want to attend the event in.  

Pinecrest Spooky Drive-In Theater

This scary drive-in cinema is a rendition of the iconic TV show “The Addams Family.” This event will take place on the 23rd of October and the movie will begin at 7:00 PM. The sound for the movie will be transmitted directly into your car from the radio with a special frequency for the movie. 

Food and refreshments can also be bought from Elia Café that is inside Pinecrest Community Center. However, if you don’t want to sit in your car, you can also sit in socially distant circles, under the stars while you enjoy the classic movie. According to the management, the circles will be generously spaced and each circle can only have 6 people. 

Of all the Halloween events in Miami this event is sure to scare the daylights out of you and will be held at Tamiami Park and the tickets cost somewhere between $29 and $45, depending on the car you have. 

Haunt Drive

After staying two centuries under captivity – the Bruja has escaped. Naturally, she is hungry and plans to wreak havoc all over Miami. The sole purpose of this drive-thru is to escape the Bruja while it hunts you relentlessly. 

This drive-thru has six settings that lie between “Drive and Treat” and “Extreme to the Max.” And if you’re wondering how extreme the highest setting can get – in the end, your car will be escorted to a washbasin where you can clean your car. This event will be held at the Tree Tops Park between 6 and 10 PM and the tickets cost between $14 and $19. However, visitors can also opt for add-ons that can cost $10 to $45 per individual.  

So get your car, wear a mask, and don’t lose hope! The Halloween events in Miami are still in full swing!

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