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$7 billion investment in Miami International Airport infrastructure upgrades unveiled by Mayor Daniella Levine Cava

Mayor Levine Cava announces extensive improvements at Miami International Airport, including modernization projects

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava has revealed plans for a groundbreaking $7 billion investment in capital improvements and maintenance upgrades at the Miami International Airport (MIA). Highlighting the monumental scale of this initiative, Mayor Levine Cava emphasized the transformative impact it will have on MIA's infrastructure and passenger experience. From conveyance upgrades to restroom renovations, the comprehensive plan aims to position MIA as a global leader in airport innovation and efficiency.

Unprecedented investment in Miami International Airport infrastructure

Under Mayor Levine Cava's leadership, Miami-Dade County is poised to undertake a series of ambitious infrastructure projects at Miami International Airport.

Conveyance Upgrades: With a focus on enhancing passenger convenience and safety, the Modernization in Action (M.I.A.) Plan will allocate significant funds to upgrade moving walkways, elevators, and escalators. The recent approval of over $99 million in contracts marks a pivotal step in modernizing 64 conveyance units, with further renovations scheduled annually over the next five to seven years.

Passenger Loading Bridges: Additionally, the replacement of all 126 passenger loading bridges underscores MIA's commitment to providing a world-class airport experience for travelers. The first 32 bridges have already been installed, and 10 more bridges are scheduled for completion every year through 2028. Upcoming bridges will made from glass, providing cooler temperatures and an improved visual aesthetic.

Restroom Renovations: MIA’s 207 restrooms are undergoing renovation with a $101 million investment. The 33 bathrooms in concourses D, H, and J are modernized, and 32 more are scheduled in 2024. The rest of the 141 bathrooms are scheduled to be completed during the third and final phase of the restroom renovation program in 2025-2030.

Electrical Upgrades: Miami International Airport has entered a $547 million contract with Florida Power & Light Services to ensure sustainability. It will upgrade electrical infrastructure, including net-zero backup power generators and zero-emissions equipment. Additionally, a $130-million project will add solar-power-generating panels and renovate the terminal roof.

An interior view of Miami International Airport.

Restoration of the concourse D skytrain

Mayor Levine Cava also provided an update on the Concourse D Skytrain people mover system, which is set to resume nearly full operation in March following safety repairs. Despite challenges posed by recent inspections revealing structural concerns, efforts to restore the Skytrain demonstrate a commitment to ensuring passenger safety and convenience. While repairs near Station 2 are underway, plans for addressing damage near Station 1 are forthcoming. The estimated repair cost is $4.2 million. Meanwhile, alternative transportation options, including an airside shuttle bus and courtesy trolley service, are available to passengers before the flight.

Miami-Dade County's investment in Miami International Airport reflects a forward-thinking approach to infrastructure development, with an emphasis on sustainability and passenger-centric design. As Mayor Levine Cava continues to spearhead initiatives aimed at modernizing the airport, the future of Miami International Airport looks brighter than ever.

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