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The innovative artist, Tony Mendoza


There's nothing more colorful and optimistic than Tony Mendoza's paintings

2 e1479747000170 - The innovative artist, Tony MendozaTony Mendoza is a Cuban-American who resides and works in Miami, Florida. His art has been described as Pop-Art. He uses graphic techniques and bold vibrant colors transmitting joy and humor.

Tony was born in Newburgh, New York, in 1961 to Cuban parents. He grew up in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami and studied Commercial Art at Miami-Dade Community College.

Miami and in particular the neighborhood of Little Havana are the primary source of inspiration for Tony. He chose to immortalize in his paintings the happiness, optimism, music, dance, and the vibrant culture of South Florida. Beside colorful Latin Fiestas and historical Miami architecture, another common theme in his work is the stylized portrayal Latin food and drinks, especially the coffee which is very present in his art.

3 - The innovative artist, Tony Mendoza

Mendoza is also known for his bright colorful larger-than-life murals that have quickly became Miami landmarks and unique tourist attractions. His murals have been used as backgrounds for TV commercials and print advertising, including a popular television commercial for the Ford Motor Company

Tony's murals and other masterpieces were commissioned by big names, including CNN en Español, American Institute of Architects, Hurst Awning Company, Archdioceses of Miami, Javamo Coffee Company, Miami Dade County School Board, Gulliver Schools and many others.

The artist has exhibited at galleries and other venues in Florida and throughout the United States. The press was also a welcoming home for his artwork which has been presented in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Cigar Snob Magazine, Vanidades, Cigar City Magazine, and Selecta Magazine. Tony also made an appearance on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) TV series "Postcards from Buster."

We shouldn't forget that Tony Mendoza is also the winner of the "2007 Arte de América Hispana Competition.”

If you want to know more about this incredible artist, you should visit his website or his art studio where you can see original paintings, fine art reproductions and limited edition prints.

Tony Mendoza Art
Studio address: 4225 SW 75 Avenue B - Bird Road Art District - Miami Fl 33155


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