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Inmate escapes from Miami-Dade facility, police launch search operation

Authorities hunt for an inmate escape by the name of Joshua Thompson, who fled Miami North Community Release Center

An intensive search operation is ongoing as authorities strive to locate Joshua Thompson, a 31-year-old inmate escape from the Miami North Community Release Center on Friday evening. The incident has sparked concerns and prompted law enforcement agencies to coordinate efforts to apprehend the fleeing individual.

Inmate escape on foot

Joshua Thompson's escape unfolded at the Miami North Community Release Center. The facility is located at 7090 Northwest 41st Street. Thompson managed to break free from the facility, triggering a quick response from law enforcement units to locate and detain him, according to Miami-Dade Police officials.

The inmate escape prompted immediate action as authorities organized resources to track down Thompson. His fleeing path led him on foot to the vicinity of Northwest 33rd Street and 85th Avenue, where he was sighted by police officers. Law enforcement established a perimeter in the area in an attempt to secure his capture, but Thompson managed to evade custody.

A person inside the jail

History of criminality: Thompson’s background

Thompson's criminal history is marked by a series of verdicts, primarily related to grand theft and burglary in Broward County. His past actions have contributed to a lengthy record that is now under inspection as authorities work diligently to prevent any further criminal activity.

As the search for Joshua Thompson intensifies, law enforcement authorities are seeking the community's cooperation. Any information that could lead to his location is of extreme importance. Individuals who spot Thompson or possess relevant information are urged to promptly contact the authorities to aid in his apprehension.

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