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In 2022, Marijuana positivity in the US workforce reached a 25-year high

Quest Diagnostics analysis shows high marijuana positivity in the US workforce in 2022 

The number of workforces in the general US workforce who tested positive for marijuana in post-on-the-job accidents was at the highest level in 2022. The marijuana positivity numbers have increased in the same year states decriminalized recreational marijuana.

The overall marijuana positivity has been two decades higher, whereas amphetamines positivity also climbed high among some industries. Continued reading this news for a detailed breakdown.

Marijuana positivity at a record high

Post-accident marijuana positivity in the general US workforce reached the highest levels in 25 years, according to Quest Diagnostics’ new analysis.

Following the on-the-job accident, the urine drug tests showed marijuana positivity in 2022 among the general workforce. The percentage was 9% higher in 2022, with 7.3% compared to 6.7% in the previous year.

This new increase following post-accident follows a steady hike from 2012 to 2022. In this time frame, marijuana drug positivity following on-the-job accidents raised to 204.2%, whereas it declined from 2002 to 2009.

These increased in drug test positivity are associated with marijuana legalization in some states. Washington and Colorado were the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012 followed by 20 more states. 38 states including the District of Columbia legalized marijuana for medical use. However, federal law hasn’t legalized both types of usage.

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Impact of marijuana at the workplace

Marijuana and other cannabis products pose implications in the workplace. These intoxicating products can slow reaction time, impair workers’ skills and affect memory during driving. Legalizing marijuana creates more challenges, according to National Safety Council Manager Katie Mueller.

She also said the diagnostics information provides valuable information on how increased use of cannabis can risk workplace injuries. Employers should take precautionary steps to maintain a safe workplace policy regarding cannabis use.

Besides marijuana, amphetamines drug positivity has also increased to 15.4% compared to 1.3% in 2021. Both the use of illicit and prescribed amphetamines use has increased.

The drug positivity rate has increased in various industries, including retail trade, finance and insurance sector and accommodation and food services.

All the findings are scheduled to be presented at the 2023 Conference of the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association on May 23-25.

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