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Hurricane survival guide

With Hurricanes like Ian making their way to Florida, here's a hurricane survival guide to help you stock on supplies

Floridians are no strangers to hurricanes, just look at the situation a couple of weeks ago. Hurricane Ian came and went after hitting Florida and changing its western coast forever so a hurricane survival guide will never serve you wrong.

The predictions were intense and alarming, and Governor DeSantis declared an emergency state in Florida’s counties. DeSantis warned residents should be prepared to expect heavy rains, powerful winds, floods, and even tornadoes. Hence, DeSantis instructed Floridians to stock up on supplies for an emergency.

Why is it important to be prepared?

view of a developing hurricane from space

With Hurricane Ian just like any other hurricane intensifying and on the verge of becoming a Category 5 storm, there can be a considerable chance that you might be on your own for a while. Some Floridian counties are even preparing to evacuate.

The storm’s intensity can also cause power failures in some areas. As a result, it’s best to start stocking up on supplies.

What supplies to stock?

food cans

Undoubtedly, the essential item on your hurricane survival guide has to be food. While purchasing food supplies, be mindful of choosing non-perishable foods, such as canned items, cookies, dried fruit, cereal bars, bread, instant tea, coffee, ready-to-eat meals, drinks, etc.

Hurricane Survival Guide Essentials

Besides stocking up on the essentials, you need to ensure you have cash on hand during a natural disaster to be prepared to buy anything you may need. ATMs may not be functional during a hurricane, and banks won't be open. Plus, some businesses may not accept any card payments. So, cash is what will get you through.

If you have children or pets, make sure you gather all their essentials, including diapers, food, medication, etc. Other necessities that may come in handy during a hurricane are tools, trash bags, sanitary supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries, hygiene products, disinfectants, and a first aid kit including essential medications, ointments, etc. Stay updated with the latest news on Hurricanes and other guides by subscribing to Calle Ocho News. You can also keep up with other trending news, events, and more from Miami on the platform.

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