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Tips for Kid Safety During In-Person Classes

Mask mandates are hotly debated, and people are divided on the subject, with extreme penalization for school districts that are mandating masks for schools also going on. But there's no denying that the latest waves of the coronavirus, from Omnicron to the Delta variant, is exceptionally dangerous for children—so what do parents do to assure kid safety?

On one hand, it's a relief to resume school and regular classes after a year of virtual learning and online classes. However, on the other hand, it's still risky and anxiety-inducing to have such loose safety regulations and protection in schools. Coupled with peer pressure, kids are also likelier to disobey rules and engage in activities that may harm them.

So what do parents do? Try the following to increase the chances of kid safety while attending class, socializing with teachers and peers in school, and during play.

Work with other parents to get on the same page about this

Parents need to come together and get on the same page about what you're plan of action will be. There's strength in numbers, and it can help make your case for greater safety measures on-site. It'll also be easier to get parents on board with mutually beneficial measures. 

Get the adults in direct contact with them are immunized

Again, you can't force people to get vaccinated, and many people are skeptical about immunization because of propaganda and misinformation, but it's best if you ensure the adults who are in direct contact with your child are vaccinated. This includes parents, older siblings, family members, and ideally teachers and educators (although that's also being debated under medical freedom).

Encourage your children to wear their masks, especially indoors

You can't make kids do something they don't want, especially if they don't understand why, and with lax rules about wearing masks at school, it's all the more difficult. That's why you should patiently educate and encourage your children to wear masks when they're in classrooms or indoors in general, still maintain adequate social distance, and practice good hygiene. You can't make other kids do this—but your child should be doing whatever is necessary. Model good behavior by doing the same! 

Keep your kid home if they're sick or exposed to someone who is

As a responsible parent, be proactive and honest about your child's own health as well. Don't send them to school or ask your physician about non-invasive testing if your child is sick. This will keep them safe from exertion and protect other kids as well if your child is infected with the virus. It's all about community effort.

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