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How Little Havana Laundry Made Some Big Changes

Laundromats like Little Havana Laundry are a vital part of life in the US, especially in community living spaces such as apartments. It's undeniable how much of a role they play in allowing people a safe, affordable, and accessible place to carry out a very necessary chore and socialize with neighbors, friends, and family.

With that being said, however, laundromats have failed to get with the times, and in a technologically advanced, fast-paced, and the individualized world, they tend to be quite outdated.

So it came as no surprise that Little Havana's very own laundromat was nothing more than a ghost of its former self, providing Joel and Autumn, two professionals from very different industries, an incredible opportunity.

As COVID-19 forced businesses worldwide to halt operations, this power duo ventured into new territory, buying this laundromat in February 2021. Understanding the value and importance of community business and service such as this in Little Havana, Miami's tightest-knit community, they've created something truly unique.

Their vision and goal for the laundromat were to provide local community members with a safe, clean, and accessible business, which also kept the aspect of community closeness intact. 

Upgrading the equipment with new washers and dryers, they also adopted a more technologically advanced approach. They accept not only coin-based payments but also app-based transactions. They have a quick turnaround, wi-fi and seating options for people to sit and work on while they wait for their clothes to wash and dry, and plenty more that sets them apart.

But it doesn't come easy, and it doesn't come cheap. The pair put all their savings toward this endeavor, dealing with everything from equipment and systems in disrepair to poor lighting that hindered usage. They tackled every issue head-on, upgrading the machines, installing air conditioners and more energy-efficient LED lighting to give their clients more comfort. 

The laundromat is also owner-operated, with both Autumn and Joel partaking in everything themselves. In fact, Joel also handles day-to-day deliveries and all pick-up services, which the business introduced for more convenience to the people of Miami.

They make sure to stay hands-on and authentic in their approach, breathing aspects of Cuban culture into their business in every way possible. From murals to the generosity and, of course, a warm, vibrant atmosphere, they've redefined what a laundromat can and should look like! 

Thinking of dropping by Little Havana Laundry with your next load of whites? You can contact them to know more or register an account on their website. They also offer commercial laundry and dry cleaning services and folding and sorting services to individual clients. Whether you're a college student, business, Air BnB, tourist, or anyone looking for reliable laundry services across Miami and parts of Broward, they're your go-to service providers.

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