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Hot 60, Hot Pilates, Vinyasa Flow? Cant decide? Hot Yoga House is the answer.


Have you ever had a hard time deciding what to do for exercise?  Are you concerned about getting hurt? The Hot Yoga House is the place for you...

I have been a member of the Hot Yoga House for over 10 years and it has been a very long and satisfying experience.  I know there are many Yoga places to choose from in town but none of them make me feel like I am a part of their family.  Everyone from Will and Mary Margarete who are the owners, to Kelly,  Courtney, etc. is willing to answer questions and help with concerns. They really do love what they do and they truly care about the students.

I initially started attending the Bikram Yoga classes.  I noticed that while I was attending class for a minimum of 3 days a week the benefits of attending were much more evident. I saw improvements in my memory, my ability to cope with stress, my concentration and finally my figure.  I swore back then that there was no harder work out in the world.  Then came Hot Pilates!  If you have not tried the Hot Pilates class at the Hot Yoga House you really must. Well let me take that back. If you want to get an amazing workout you really must try the Hot Pilates class at the Hot Yoga House.  Its hard its intense and the music is GREAT!

My most recent and memorable experience at the Hot Yoga House was with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. I took Kelly’s class and felt once again that the Hot Yoga house does not let down whenit comes to challenging me. What a work out!  It was my first experience in a long time with Vinyasa Yoga Flow. I believe what made it so special was the scent of mint the instructor (Kelly) made possible at the end of class.

Mint is very refreshing and when you smell it in an exhausting moment like at the end of a Vinyasa Class it just does things...

Mint aids in digestion, treats nausea and headaches, treats asthma, reduces depression, prevents memory loss, promotes weight loss, etc.

Now imagine combining the benefits of Vinyasa Flow with the benefits of mint!  Exactly… Ahhhhhh

Oh and to top it off! The class was held at their new modern, state of the art studio located at 2050 Coral Way #602 Miami , FL 33133

Seriously, check out the Hot Yoga House you will not regret it...


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