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Encampment plan to shift the homeless in Miami to Virginia Key has caused an uproar

City of Miami officials are planning on giving the homeless in Miami a transition place they can call home on prime real estate

City of Miami officials are looking into relocating homeless in Miami to a city-sponsored camp on Virginia Key. This idea has received backlash from Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, some community activists and could jeopardize federal backing for countywide homeless programs.

Let’s explore this homeless initiative a bit better

About the new homeless in Miami initiative

A homeless person sleeps on the ground under a bridge.

The latest proposition involves shifting homeless in Miami to a not so secluded place away from populated regions. The city staff is supposed to propose a concept to shelter homeless people temporarily. The City Manager’s staff recommended the North end of Virginia Key, a space by the biking trails, and Virginia Key Outdoor Center.

On Thursday, 4th August, Miami commissioners will consider this matter and list potential locations for a “transition zone.” This transition zone will comprise various shelter homes for individuals living on the streets. This location will also provide social services for its new inhabitants.

Miami's department of human services will also be presenting at the upcoming meeting. The presentation will shed some light on the concept behind this plan and mimic other ventures in other cities.

What was the reaction to this proposal?

Unfortunately, this suggestion did not sit well with the Miami Bike Scene, a cycling group. They're initiating an organization and have a few arguments emphasizing why Virginia Key isn't the right location to move homeless people to. Some of their arguments include the distance from social services, mosquito infestation in the area, and close immediacy to the sewage treatment plant. Miami Bike Scene further highlighted this issue by posting about it on their website.

Suggesting a chain of legislative proposals regarding homeless individuals, Commissioner Joe Carollo proposed the Virginia Key notion in 2021. He sparked controversy when he subsidized a law empowering police officials to detain homeless individuals if they said ‘no’ to moving to a shelter. The ordinance also promoted banning camps on public property.

Despite the controversy, the ordinance was passed. To defend his stance, the commissioner backed a decree to develop an "adopt-a-homeless program.” 

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