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Hard Rock Bet expands statewide access for Florida's sports bettors

Hard Rock Chairman confirms full accessibility of Seminole Tribe's mobile sports betting app across Florida

The eagerly anticipated expansion of the Hard Rock Bet app has now made mobile sports betting accessible to all Floridians. Initially introduced in early November with limited access restricted to existing customers, the app’s availability has progressively widened, finally opening its virtual doors to a broader audience across the state.

West Flagler Associates' lawsuits pose potential hurdles for Hard Rock

However, this widespread rollout is not without its legal hurdles. Two lawsuits lodged by West Flagler Associates, representing a coalition of betting entities, have raised significant challenges. These legal battles aim to impede mobile sports betting activities, with one case brought before the Florida Supreme Court and the other escalated to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The crux of these lawsuits lies in the contention that the compact between the state and the Seminole Tribe, which sanctions mobile sports betting, allegedly breaches federal law due to the betting not transpiring on tribal grounds. The state’s rebuttal contends that the betting operations remain within the law as the servers receiving the bets are situated on tribal land.

The previous statewide launch of a similar app under a different name in 2021 was abruptly cut due to the escalating legal disputes, highlighting the volatility of this legal landscape.

A winning bet notification on a sports betting mobile app

Pari-mutuel companies set to introduce competing betting apps

Looking ahead, Jim Allen, the Hard Rock Chairman, highlighted that in the coming days, several pari-mutuel companies plan to launch their sports betting applications. Operating within a "hub and spoke" model, a portion of the generated revenue will funnel to the Seminole Tribe.

Despite the burgeoning accessibility and growing user base, concerns loom over potential disruptions. Addressing these apprehensions, Allen emphasized the tribe's commitment to respecting the legal proceedings. He reiterated a cautious approach, acknowledging the need to navigate these legal waters until a definitive court ruling alters the trajectory.

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