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VIOLENT BIKERS WANTED: A group of bikers attacked a man on Venetian Causeway, his son had to watch it all

A Miami Beach resident was assaulted by a group of violent bikers while his son was forced to witness the horrifying incident on the Venetian Causeway in Miami Beach

A fun ride home from a Miami Marlins baseball game turned violent when a father was attacked repeatedly by a group of violent bikers on the Venetian Causeway in Miami Beach. The man was assaulted in the presence of his 8-year-old son.

Here’s what happened with the violent bikers:

About the incident

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The unidentified victim claimed he and his son were heading home on August 13th after attending a Miami Marlins game at the loanDepot Park in their SUV. Unfortunately, their wonderful day took an ugly turn when a group of bikers started cycling along their vehicle.

The father reported that around 15 to 25 teenagers on their bicycles were sharing the causeway with their SUV. It's important to note that the riders have previously been linked to several battery and assault cases in Miami Beach and Miami.

The father states these bikers were riding their bicycles recklessly on the causeway. He also rang the police to inform them about these speeding bikers in traffic. They were swerving, doing wheelies, but things took a turn for the worst when the man stopped on East Rivo Alto Drive. Suddenly, some of these bikers approached their SUV and started banging and hitting it.

As the bangs started getting louder, the victim’s son started panicking and screaming in fear. His son’s panic caused the man to step out of his SUV, and the bikers approached him. They knocked him down, and the group kicked, stomped, and hit him continually.

They even tried to run him over with their bikes. Witnessing this traumatic event and watching his father bloodied and bruised, the son put the car in drive, which caused a fender bender on the road.

What happened next?

The police arrived after the man was injured and assaulted. Unfortunately, the group rode away on their bikes and hasn’t been caught yet. The victim said he’s not worried about his scars but extremely concerned about the trauma that his son experienced that evening.

The police are still investigating this case, hoping to catch the culprits.

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