Great Ways to Spend Fall in Miami

Miami experiences pretty warm weather for the most part of the year, but there's no denying that fall is still a special time to visit. Part of the reason why it's so great in the fall is that it's right after the peak season, so you'll find fewer crowds and tourists, prices tend to fall for a lot of essentials such as accommodation, and the weather may be more pleasant than summer. 

Head to local farms for activities

You can head to farms like Pinto's Farm or The Berry Farm, where they host activities like berry picking, hayrides, playgrounds, and lots of other outdoor games, food stalls, and fun things to do with your family. It's a beautiful place and one that you'll absolutely love to explore with friends and family, spending all day hanging out in the warm autumn sun.

Drive-thru the pumpkin patch for fall feels

Another great place to head to is one of the local pumpkin patches. The most popular is the Not-So-Spooky Drive-Thru Adventure & Pumpkin Patch that gives you a goodie bag and charges per vehicle. It's cheap, fun, and innovative and gives you all the Halloween/fall feels you could want. 

Put on your favorite outfit, grab your camera, and get ready for some adorable family photos and memories to last you a lifetime. 

Walk through the mystical Chinese Lantern Festival

Another stunning feature is the magical, mystical Chinese Lantern Festival at Luminosa Park. It's a great idea for a date or a fun night out with your friends and the perfect place to take your kids to as well. The lanterns, food, and other attractions will leave anyone spellbound and mesmerized because it's absolutely beautiful. The festival starts in early fall and will go on for a few weeks, so be sure to get your tickets and plan!

Eat, drink, and party in Little Havana 

There's no place like Little Havana! That's why no matter what the season, it's always a must-see spot in town. You can chill out and enjoy the most scrumptious desserts, coffee, and Cuban delicacies, spend cool fall evenings listening to music and taking in the sights and sounds around the neighborhood, or take a guided tour of the area too. Tours in Little Havana are always a great option for travelers exploring the neighborhood's history, culture, food, and attractions.

Of course, you can also head to the beach and explore Miami's beautiful coastline, including places like the famous South Beach, all year long!

Miami fall may not have the change in foliage or chilly weather that you're expecting, but it's still a great time to visit the town. You can try the fun activities above or check out more ideas on Calle Ocho News. They have the best recommendations and information on all things Miami. Whether you'd like to know more about local events, businesses, food and drink options, hotels, Little Havana tours, news, and so much more. You can sign up for the newsletter and stay up to date about all things Miami!

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