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Got a family dispute? Puzo Law is here to help!

Through trying times, it can be challenging to deal with the ones you love the most. If you or someone you know is looking for Family Law assistance, Puzo Law is a great option. Attorney Leslie Puzo leads the firm, and works with her clients to assure that they have “a plan that will lead them to a happier life.”

Puzo began practicing law after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law in 2015. She then moved back to Florida and found a job working at a firm that dealt primarily with Civil Litigation. After a year, she switched to Family Law and realized that this was her passion.

“What I enjoy the most about this job is being able to help people close a chapter and begin a new one in their life. I work to provide the best plan for my clients, given their unique family circumstances. My goal is to give them peace of mind. It is quite powerful to be able to take someone out of an unhappy situation and set them on the road to freedom and happiness”. 

Leslie Puzo

Practicing law was always the plan for Puzo. She was influenced by her family to follow this path since before she was born. Being an attorney is her true calling, and she is at it to improve the lives of others. 

Due to the pandemic, Puzo has faced an increased caseload. Being in quarantine and the financial circumstances of the pandemic have led to an increase in family law cases. From divorces to losses of jobs and an inability to pay for child support to applications for food stamps, this all involves the work of a good family lawyer that will uphold the client’s interests. 

It is crucial for those that find themselves in any of those circumstances that they seek an attorney to provide adequate assistance. If a Final Judgment gets entered it is difficult to Vacate or undo what the court has ordered, that is why having proper representation at hearings and throughout the process is of upmost importance.  As Puzo said, “Consult an attorney because you may not know what you’re entitled to under the law otherwise. I am here to seek out the services and options that will put my clients in the best position.” 

Many times, individuals forgo the possibility to consult a lawyer due to fear of the costs associated with the services. However, many firms will grant clients a free consultation, and Puzo Law is one of them. 

“Consultations with us are free but are limited to 30 minutes. I advise potential clients to come prepared with their questions and documents in hand to get most out their consultation”.

Leslie Puzo

Divorce is not easy, co-parenting is not easy, figuring out child support is not easy, and the court process is not easy, but you do not have to go through it alone. Puzo Law is here to offer its services and make the journey as smooth as possible. Whether concerning a family law issue or any other issue, it is always best to consult an expert. As she said, “Having the correct information is the key to be able to protect yourself.” 

For more information on Puzo Law, be sure to visit their website or call 305-428-2220 and follow them on Instagram

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