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Gloria Estefan christens new nuclear sub as inaugural 2024 Fleet Week brings navy to Miami

South Florida's first Fleet Week Miami kicks off with Gloria Estefan christening the new U.S.S. Miami submarine for community events

Ahoy, Miami! Get ready for a week filled with maritime excitement as the first Fleet Week Miami kicks off! This year, the beloved South Florida tradition sets anchor in Miami for the very first time, promising a vibrant celebration of our nation's naval power. But that's not all – Fleet Week Miami 2024 comes with a couple of exciting surprises!

The official kickoff concert sets the stage for the festivities to follow. South Florida icons Emilio and Gloria Estefan graced the event with their presence, adding a touch of local celebrity flair. But the biggest announcement of the night came straight from U.S. Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro. He unveiled the name of the Navy's upcoming nuclear-powered submarine – the U.S.S. Miami! Yes, you read that right – Miami will soon be cruising the seas on a namesake vessel, a testament to the city's deep connection to the maritime world. And who better to sponsor this prestigious vessel than the legendary Gloria Estefan herself? This news from Gloria Estefan further cemented the excitement surrounding Fleet Week Miami.

A week of celebration and connection with Gloria Estefan

Thousands of Marines, sailors, and Coast Guard members have descended upon Miami for Fleet Week. This isn't just about showcasing impressive ships and cutting-edge technology; it's also about fostering a connection between the military and the community. Throughout the week, these brave service members will participate in public events, meet with residents, and soak up the famous Miami sunshine. Lance Corporal Alexander Peterson, one of the visiting servicemen, describes it as an opportunity to demonstrate the skills of the maritime forces. But it's also about having fun! Peterson adds, "I think it's lots of fun… I think it's really going to be a really cool experience."

While Fleet Week Miami promises a week of entertainment and excitement, it also serves as a powerful reminder of the dedication and sacrifice of our service members. These brave men and women work tirelessly to protect our nation's security, and Fleet Week offers an opportunity for the community to express their gratitude. There's a special significance to holding Fleet Week in Miami this year, as the city gets to welcome the U.S.S. Miami, a vessel that will carry its namesake across the globe.

This inaugural Fleet Week Miami welcomes five impressive vessels to South Florida's shores. Visitors can catch a glimpse of the U.S.S Leyte Gulf, U.S.S Bataan, Coast Guard cutter Seneca, U.S.S Normandy, and the mighty U.S.S Harry S. Truman, a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier anchoring offshore.

Gloria Estefan at Fleet Week

Be part of the Fleet Week celebration!

Fleet Week Miami offers a unique opportunity to learn about the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps firsthand. Whether you're fascinated by cutting-edge maritime technology or simply want to show your appreciation for our service members, there's something for everyone at Fleet Week Miami. Keep an eye out for public events and activities throughout the week of May 7th to May 13th.

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