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Get Rewarded and save money with MDX

In 2015 MDX launched a rewards program for frequent drivers in Miami-Dade, offering cash and other perks that have now been extended through June 30

MDX has been undergoing some major changes in recent months, including a new executive directorship under Darlene Fernandez, some great initiatives, and more robust work. The MDX Frequent Drivers Rewards Program is another such project that has been benefitting locals from around Miami-Dade since its inception in 2015.

The program is designed to incentivize and reward frequent drivers in the county who are frequently using the expressways falling under it, and registration deadlines have now been extended.

What the MDX Frequent Drivers Rewards Program offers

The Frequent Drivers Rewards Program is a unique program that was launched by the MDX Board of Directors in 2015. It was designed to reduce the current rate of tolls paid by frequent drivers and commuters who take the expressway often or daily. It also covers small local businesses that are a part of the system.

Refunds only apply to tolls paid on the MDX local expressways since those fall under their jurisdiction. MDX Expressways, including Dolphin Expressway, Airport Expressway, and more.

A driver is seated in their car while traveling to their destination.

Details and information on how to register for the program

The enrollment period for the program has been pushed to June 30 for the 2022 cohort. This will provide an opportunity for both old and new members to enroll in the program and to update their account information, add new transponders, update or add vehicles, and change contact information such as mailing addresses and phone numbers.

As of December 2021, the agency issued over 60,000 checks worth $4.8 million as part of the program, which has given $25 million in cash refunds to customers since it was founded.

Whether you are a new member or you are an existing member, please visit and register or update all your details information. You will be issued your rebate check once you qualify.

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