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4 Amazing and Local Events to Bid January Goodbye

The first month of the new year felt surprisingly like a “fun-sized” 2021 filled with local events. January started with the highest cases recorded since the first wave and seems to be ending with a surprisingly low positivity and high recovery rate for Miami-Dade County.

However, we still lead the charts for the highest number of cases and deaths per day for anywhere in Florida. No one’s getting through this weekend sober, except maybe people too old to drive and minors.

In any case, here’s a list of drunk local events in Miami happening this weekend where you can spend the fifth and final weekend of January.

1. AfroCode MIAMI

AfroCode MIAMI is a weekly brunch and day party taking place every Saturday for individuals 21 and above. It’s a celebration of African cultures, featuring limitless booze, endless hip hop, AfroBeats, and many other fun things to do.

While the fine print says you should attend the event “at your own risk,” you must minimize it by wearing a facemask. That is, whenever you’re not helping yourself to that craft beer. Come for the hip hop, stay for the zouk.

2. Bar Crawl VIP at Wynwood

The Bar Crawl VIP at Wynwood, Miami, is a three-hour “bar crawl” on Saturdays. It’ll start around nine in the evening at several Wynwood neighborhoods. There are no waiting lines, but you have to be at least 21 and ready to be IDed when getting those drinks.

The midnight curfew only applies to Racket, Pilo's Tequila Garden, and Booze Garden. The bar crawl will be on until five in the morning at Puro Bar, complete with free admission and two free drinks. Not a bad way to start a Sunday.

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3. NoMi Day Party and Brunch

Speaking of Sunday, the NoMi Day Party and Brunch is a weekly event that takes place every Sunday at the NoMi Bar and Grill in North Miami. Admission is fairly affordable at $25, but only after three in the afternoon for female customers.

That’s right: admission is free for the ladies if they come over for brunch or lunch before three in the p.m. Get your food, check out the wine menu, and spend a musical day with your friends and family. The bar is also open to taking reservations for D-day, but you might have to put that off until next Sunday.

4. Miami Boat Party

The Miami Boat Party is an all-you-can-drink event taking place on South Beach this Sunday. It’s a highly-exclusive party of the local events with limited capacity and a fairly steep admission fee at $110 per person. You’ll have to pay $30 as a deposit and the remainder during check-in. However, there’s nothing overpriced about it.

The three-hour event usually sells out two weeks before party day. It starts at eight in the evening and features:

  • An open bar.
  • Live DJ on board.
  • Dancers on board.
  • Plenty of music, celebration, and alcohol.

Make the above your itinerary for the last weekend of January. Spend it doing all the fun things that Miami has to offer. Check out local events and more recaps of what’s to come and what’s already happened by subscribing to Calle Ocho News. See what’s going on in Miami’s Little Havana, what not to miss, and the best new restaurants in this part of Florida.

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