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Freddy Ramirezs’ wife disputes witness claim of hotel gun incident before the suicide attempt

Freddy Ramirez’s wife saved his life by preventing a suicide attempt

Amidst a storm of conflicting accounts, the Ramirez family has come forward to dispute allegations that Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez pulled out a gun at a Tampa hotel before his suicide attempt. A statement from their legal representation emphasizes that there was no evidence of physical aggression between Freddy and his wife, Jody, and challenges the witness's statement, which has added a layer of complexity to the tragic incident.

Freddy Ramirez disputes allegations & conflicting reports

A statement released by the Miami-based law firm Coffey Burlington on behalf of Freddy Ramirez and his wife, Jody, refutes a witness's claim that they observed Freddy holding a firearm to his head at a Tampa hotel. The statement emphasizes that neither Jody nor any security cameras captured any hint of physical aggression or gun-related incident. It further challenges the unsupported allegation that Freddy exhibited such behavior before leaving the hotel that evening.

Tampa police incident reports, however, paint a contrasting picture. An unidentified witness alerted security at the JW Marriott, alleging that Freddy Ramirez had threatened to end his life just hours before his subsequent suicide attempt on Interstate 75. According to the witness, Ramirez had brandished a firearm, expressing his intention to "end it here."

A life saved amidst the turmoil

When Tampa police officers arrived at Freddy Ramirez's hotel floor, they reported hearing a "verbal argument." Taking precautions, officers formed a line, with one wielding a ballistic shield, and called for Ramirez and his wife to exit the room. Jody Ramirez was the first to emerge, followed by Freddy, who was handcuffed. During questioning, Jody initially stated not remembering the alleged gun incident but later firmly denied its occurrence.

Despite the confusion and distress, Jody Ramirez managed to intervene during a fateful drive home after the hotel incident. Freddy Ramirez later pulled over on I-75, where he tragically shot himself in front of his wife. Jody's quick action prevented a fatal outcome, causing a serious injury that ultimately saved Freddy's life.

In the aftermath of the suicide attempt, Freddy Ramirez underwent multiple surgeries to address his injuries. He is currently in the process of healing, supported by his family and loved ones during this challenging period.

Read the complete statement here. For those struggling with thoughts of suicide, help is available around the clock through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

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