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FPL's scam shield: Your defensive play for digital safety

Don't fall for scams; power up your defenses with FPL's scam shield winning strategies!

Scams and frauds are a concern for energy users across the country in the rapidly changing digital age. Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) acts as a watchful protector, providing customers with effective tools to combat an increasing number of fraudsters and pretenders. Exploitation strategies evolve alongside technological development. They encourage its customers to take preventative measures and provides a detailed manual with important recommendations. Protecting one's physical and financial security has taken on increased importance in today's interconnected world.

Guard your castle: Mastering information protection

Caller ID manipulation is the trick of the trade for scammers when it comes to digital communication. FPL urges customers not to share personal information during suspicious calls, where the caller may falsely display their credentials.

The golden rule: hang up immediately and verify the call through official channels to ensure security.

Pay smart and stay secure with FPL: Navigating the payment maze

Payment requests can be a maze of potential threats. FPL advises customers to exercise caution, emphasizing that they will never demand immediate payment through unconventional channels like Zelle or prepaid cards. Take a moment, authenticate the request, and consult their official channels before making any payments. It's a strategic move to avoid falling prey to scammers pressuring for hasty payments under the guise of service disconnection.

Alongside these pivotal points, they underscore the importance of checking employee or contractor identification, reporting suspected scams to law enforcement, and staying informed through the educational resources on their website.

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