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FPL CEO gives a restoration update

FPL CEO, Eric Silagy, has given a quick update about Florida’s current power restoration situation

Hurricane Ian has become one of the most powerful storms to hit the U.S. Although it has made its exit, the destruction it caused is unfathomable. Ian has left Floridians in a dire state with a death toll exceeding 100 and recurring power outages. About 15% of the state has stayed without power since last Friday afternoon, while Florida Power & Light has made efforts to restore it. Fortunately, FPL’s CEO has given us an update on the restoration progress.   

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What happened?

Due to Hurricane Ian, many areas were without any power, and residents are struggling with the Category 4 storm's aftermath. As of October 8, FPL has already restored power to 99% of the houses they serve in Lee County and Southwest Florida that are able to receive power., the authorities are still giving their all to restore the power and put residents out of their misery.

The FPL CEO's update

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FPL’s CEO and Chairman, Eric Silagy, has shared an update about the current restoration process. Talking about the update, Silagy shares that they've restored power in about 99% of the area, but they still need to continue getting the remaining fixed.

Eric Silagy states that he truly understands how tough this is for Floridians, but they’re giving it their best—working 24 hours to restore the power. He also commented that their team won’t stop until they've fixed the power issue in the region.

Silagy further added that the company has 42,000 people in the field from 30 states, and their focus is to help as many people as possible, ensuring their safety. 

Eric Silagy also shared that people should prioritize safety and follow essential tips, such as staying out of high water, using a generator safely, etc. He also assured the people in his update, claiming that their team is working day and night.

Moreover, he stated that since water levels are receding, they’re able to access areas they couldn't before, so hopefully, things should be fixed quickly.

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