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Governor Ron DeSantis against Iran: Strengthening Florida's stand amidst Middle Eastern turmoil

Florida's Governor responds to the Hamas attack on Israel by advocating for intensified sanctions on Iran, reflecting Florida's solidarity with the Jewish State

Following the devastating Hamas attack on Israel, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis advocates for enhanced Florida sanctions against Iran, positioning the state at the forefront of economic responses to international crises.

Speaking passionately at The Shul of Bal Harbour in Surfside, DeSantis declared. "Yes, Iran was involved in orchestrating this attack against Israel."

DeSantis's Proposal on Iran

The governor's proposal seeks to prevent the state and local entities from entering into contracts across diverse sectors like finance, construction, and technology with Iranian businesses. These sanctions will stay firm until both the President and Congress confirm Iran's cessation of supporting international terrorism and halting the quest for weapons of mass destruction.

Such bold moves are deeply rooted in DeSantis's connection to Israel. He highlighted that Florida has one of the highest numbers of Israeli-Americans, making the events in the Middle East particularly resonant.

Florida's Current Stand

It seems that not all are convinced of DeSantis's approach. Rep. Anna Eskamani, an Orlando Democrat with Iranian heritage, questions the effectiveness of state sanctions, noting that federal sanctions have consistently been placed on Iran through various presidencies.

Florida's relationship with Iran isn't new. Since 2008, the state has restricted dealings with businesses associated with the Iranian government, labeling Iran as a "foreign country of concern."

Eyes on 2024: DeSantis's International Stance During His Presidential Bid

DeSantis, a 2024 presidential hopeful, didn't hold back in his criticism of the Biden Administration, specifically targeting the $6 billion deal with Iran. He asserted that such funds inevitably fuel terrorism rather than uplifting the Iranian people.

Ending his Surfside address on a solemn note, DeSantis underscored Israel's right to defend itself and the imperative to eliminate Hamas's terror networks.

Governor DeSantis

In these tumultuous times, leaders like DeSantis are taking clear stances, reflecting Florida's commitment to global issues and partnerships. As the world watches the events unfolding in the Middle East, the state of Florida reinforces its solidarity with Israel and its resolute stand against terrorism.

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