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Florida teacher behind bars for having sexual relations with a minor student

The teacher would ask the victim to lie to her parents and stay with him after school

Multiple charges have been filed against a Florida elementary school teacher who is accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor. The allegations include multiple sexual encounters that happened on school grounds.

30-year-old Homestead resident Davis Augustine Hodge Jr. was charged on Wednesday for having sexual contact on four occasions with a child older than 12. Police said the child was a student at his school and only 13 years old, yet he called her his girlfriend.

What did Hodge do?

Authorities in Miami-Dade County said that Hodge first contacted the 12-year-old girl by text and Instagram direct messages in October, talking about school. As the chats progressed, they became increasingly sexually explicit, eventually leading to the two exchanging lewd photos.

Once the victim turned 13, they began meeting after school for chess club. He asked her to tell her family that she was staying back for tutoring. There were four separate occasions in which Hodge and the kid shared sexual activity: three in November and another on January 6. On Wednesday night, Hodge was detained without bond at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Florida Teacher in Court

How parents, students, and the school are responding

When parent Alexandra Jackson found that the science teacher at West Homestead K-8 Center had been jailed, she was at a loss for words. From what she heard, most of his class had nothing but praise for their teacher. The news that Hodge was a predator who preyed on young girls came as a complete shock and was deeply repulsive.

After the girl's parents filed a report, the school claimed they took quick action to ban Hodge from campus, and he is currently being terminated. Additionally, the District will work to prevent him from ever working in the region again.

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