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Florida Prepaid 2024: Get into college without spending a lot of money with prepaid college plans

Discover how Florida families can save big on college tuition with reduced prices on the Florida Prepaid College Plan during Open Enrollment.

Dreaming of a bright future for your little one? The Florida Prepaid College Plan just made that dream a lot more achievable! With prices slashed by up to 25% during this year's Open Enrollment, families can secure their child's educational future without breaking the bank.

For 35 years, the Florida Prepaid College Plan has been a beacon of hope for families across the state, helping them navigate the often daunting landscape of college savings. Now, with prices at their lowest in a decade, this milestone anniversary couldn't come at a better time. Starting at just $34/month for a newborn, the plan ensures every child has a shot at higher education, regardless of their family's financial circumstances.

How the Florida Prepaid price reduction works

The recent price reduction, totaling over $1.3 billion in savings for more than 280,000 current customers, is a testament to the Florida Prepaid College Board's commitment to affordability and accessibility. Governor Ron DeSantis has praised the move, aligning with his administration's goal of making post-secondary education more attainable for all Floridians. Plus, with refunds averaging $2,600 per customer, families can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their college savings are in good hands.

A parent helping their child move to college

Making college dreams a reality

The significance of these price reductions cannot be overstated. With the average cost of college tuition and fees steadily rising, many families have been left wondering how they'll ever afford to send their children to college. The Florida Prepaid College Plan provides a lifeline, offering families the opportunity to lock in today's prices and make manageable monthly payments toward their child's future education.

By reducing plan prices by up to 25%, the Florida Prepaid College Board is making it even easier for families to invest in their children's academic success.

If you're ready to take advantage of these unprecedented savings, getting started with the Florida Prepaid College Plan is easier than ever. Simply visit the official website to explore the various plan options available and use the online pricing tool to determine the best fit for your family's needs. Whether you're interested in a 1-Year or a 4-Year University Plan, there's a solution for every budget and educational goal. And with Open Enrollment ending on April 30, 2024, there's no time to waste—secure your child's future today!

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