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Florida Lawmakers Send 15-Week Abortion Ban to the Florida House Floor for Review

Florida lawmakers push for a 15-week abortion ban that has now been sent to the Florida House floor for consideration

15-week abortion ban

In a surprising win for this possible abortion ban, the abortion ban being pushed by conservative Florida lawmakers has been sent to the Florida House floor, where it is being reviewed before it makes its way to the Governor's desk.

The ban aims to set the cut-off at 15-weeks, barring certain exceptions such as fatal fetal issues and risk to health, but not in cases of assault, force, or incest. It's a highly controversial bill that is turning heads around the country, while lawmakers insist it is simply humane to shift from 24 weeks to 15.

Who is backing the bill, and what does it entail?

This bill is being sponsored by ​​HB 5 sponsor Rep. Erin Grall, R-Vero Beach, who maintains that this is the most ethical human choice. In the following statement, Rep. Grall states:

'There is no right to an abortion in the federal constitution or the state constitution. There is a right to life.'

The House floor is getting ready to vote on the bill, which means it will soon be on its way to the Governor's office and await further processing. The controversial bill would entail that women cannot seek out a legal abortion past the 15-week gestation period without facing possible charges. It would also extend to healthcare providers who perform any procedures for patients who face legal repercussions.

The ban is currently being reviewed by the Florida House Floor.

Public opinion about the abortion ban

The abortion ban, similar to Texas, has been nothing short of controversial and has been met with fierce criticism from the public. Not only do many feel that it strips women of their bodily autonomy and prioritizes a fetus over the mother, but it is also unconstitutional. The Supreme Court may step in if the bill is passed and the law is officiated. We await further developments.

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