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Florida has lowest speeding-related fatalities, new study reveals

Hit the breaks! Study reveals states that have the least (and most) deaths caused by speeding

A recent study conducted by The Fitch Law Firm, a personal injury law firm in Ohio, has shed light on the prevalence of speeding-related fatalities across various states. The study examined National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data from 2017 to 2021, concentrating on the number of fatal collisions and pinpointing those that were predominantly brought on by speeding.

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Florida emerges as the safest state related to speeding accidents

The study revealed a surprising outcome, with Florida having the lowest percentage of fatal crashes attributed to high speed. Notably, 9.38% of Florida's 15,342 crashes that proved to be fatal during the five years involved speeding violations. This translates to 1,439 fatalities directly linked to exceeding the speed limit.

Mississippi and Nebraska followed closely behind Florida in terms of the lowest speeding-related fatality rates. Mississippi recorded 13.29%, with 421 of its 3,167 fatal vehicle crashes. Nebraska observed a slightly higher percentage (15.50%), with 160 speeding-related fatalities out of 1,032.

The study also highlighted states with considerably higher percentages of speeding-related fatalities. Rhode Island stood out with the statistic of 27.14% of its fatal crashes involving speeding, the highest among the analyzed states. It translates to 267 speeding-related deaths out of 984.

Further analysis of the data shows that while Florida boasts the lowest percentage of speeding-related fatalities, it's crucial to acknowledge that speeding remains a significant nationwide issue. Here's a breakdown of the findings for the top states:

  • Florida: 9.38%
  • Mississippi: 13.29%
  • Nebraska: 15.50%
  • Tennessee: 15.57%
  • Kentucky: 16.65%
  • Georgia: 18.36%
  • Iowa: 20.47%
  • Louisiana: 20.80%
  • New Jersey: 21.39%
  • Idaho: 22.29%
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Importance of safe driving practices

Regardless of a state's position, the survey stresses how important it is to adopt safe driving practices. "While these ten states have lower figures of fatal collisions from speeding than others, it seems this offense is a nationwide issue," a spokeswoman from The Fitch Law Firm admitted. "No matter where your state comes in on the list, drivers need to be careful and follow the posted speed limit."

The findings of this study offer valuable insights into the prevalence of speeding-related fatalities across various states. While Florida exhibits the lowest percentage, the nationwide presence of this issue necessitates a collective effort to promote safe driving practices and prioritize adherence to speed limits.

The methodology for the research involved acquiring data on fatal crashes from the NHTSA between 2017 and 2021. Subsequently, the researchers analyzed the number of fatalities where high speed was identified as the primary cause and compared it to the total number of fatalities to determine the percentage.

On account of this information, here are some safe driving practices you should prioritize:

  • Always adhere to speed limits: Speeding drastically reduces reaction time and increases the severity of crashes.
  • Avoid distracted driving: Refrain from using electronic devices, eating, or engaging in activities that divert your attention from the road.
  • Never drive under the influence: Alcohol and drugs severely impair judgment and coordination, significantly compromising your ability to operate a vehicle safely.
  • Maintain a safe following distance: Leave ample space between your car and the vehicle ahead to allow sufficient time to react to sudden braking or unforeseen situations.
  • Always wear a seatbelt: Seatbelts are the most effective defense against serious injury or fatality in a crash.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Stay vigilant, anticipate potential hazards, and constantly monitor the actions of other drivers and pedestrians.

By prioritizing safe driving practices, you actively contribute to creating a safer road environment for yourself and everyone else. Remember, even a minor lapse in concentration can have devastating consequences.

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