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Florida Blue Foundation continues its commitment to mental health with $3.1m in grants to 10 organizations

Philanthropic efforts by the Florida Blue Foundation reinforce the need for accessible mental health services across the state

In a significant stride toward extending mental health support in Florida, the Florida Blue Foundation has recently announced a notable $3.1 million investment directed at improving mental well-being for individuals of all age groups.

This strategic move reflects the foundation's continued dedication to fostering accessible and comprehensive mental health services throughout the state as part of its mission to enable healthy communities. The grants, distributed among ten distinguished nonprofit organizations, highlight the foundation's commitment to addressing the pressing need for mental health resources in diverse communities across Florida.

Florida Blue enhancing accessibility and support

The Florida Blue Foundation's recent allocation of funds to various nonprofit organizations serves to facilitate community-based programs and partnerships aimed at bolstering the accessibility of mental health services and support. Under this initiative, emphasis is placed on providing comprehensive support for teenagers, children, families, and older adults struggling with mental health challenges.

By investing in these organizations, the foundation seeks to empower individuals to navigate the complexities of mental health issues effectively and access the necessary resources for comprehensive care and support.

A female doctor is consulting

Paving the way for sustainable mental health initiatives

Underpinning its commitment to sustainable mental health solutions, the Florida Blue Foundation's latest round of grants targets organizations that have demonstrated a dedication to fostering impactful mental health initiatives. These initiatives range from training programs focused on trauma-informed practices to specialized support for infants and early childhood mental health. By supporting such comprehensive and sustainable programs, the foundation aims to cultivate a robust and sustainable network of mental health resources that can effectively cater to the diverse needs of Florida's communities.

The organization will offer its grants to Miami-Dade College Foundation, Inc., Indian River County – Parks & Rec Board of County Commissioners, Florida Center for Early Childhood, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Starting Right, Now, AMIkids, Inc., Forty Carrots of Sarasota Inc., Winter Haven Hospital Inc., Jacksonville University, and The Pensacola State College Foundation, Inc.

This substantial investment by the Florida Blue Foundation serves as a testament to the pivotal role of philanthropic organizations in fortifying the mental health infrastructure across the state. To learn more about the number of programs this initiative supports, visit

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