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Flo Rida wins 82.6 million: Vanessa Barcelo of @OneLoveCakes delivers a "Giant Cake Can"

Rapper Flo Rida literally took the "Giant Cake Can" thanks to Vanessa Barcelo a Miami local known as @OneLoveCakes, along with a hefty settlement

Having filed a lawsuit, Flo Rida, a prominent hip-hop artist, has been granted $82.6 million by a South Florida court after a jury established that the creators of Celsius energy drinks breached a contractual agreement with the rapper by intentionally trying to hide capital from him. After receiving the news Dillard said “I’m still a owner in the company, and when you basically planted the seed for something that is successful, you can’t help but have unconditional love.” To celebrate Vanessa Barcelo of @OneLoveCakes recruited her thousands of followers advice on how to cut a 2 foot tie beam to make the base of a "Giant Cake Can" to say congratulations!

@OneLoveCakes special delivery of a "Giant Cake Can"

Speaking of unconditional love and Miami locals making an impact to congratulate Flo Rida in the most unique way possible. Vanessa Barcelo of @OneLoveCakes took it upon herself to build and personally deliver her friend a "Giant Cake Can" he will never forget.

The @onelovecakes process for Flo Rida "Giant Cake Can"

This cake was no easy venture for Vanessa Barcelo by any means. It was a jumbo size "Giant Cake Can" made up of 6 layers of funfetti-flavored cake filled with Italian meringue. As if that wasn't delicious enough Vanessa covered the cake in chocolate ganache to assure herself that the 15 inch tall cake would hold and be sturdy. She then topped it off with a rolled fondant finish that she decorated by airbrushing and placing edible, letters and glitter all over. We asked Vanessa how she felt about the outcome of her friends case and why she did what she did.

I have known him for 11 years, from the very beginning of @OneLoveCakes and he was a genuine believer in my brand and business. He always gave me the most authentic business advice and taught me so much... He has always been the most genuine and humble person, not to mention how intelligent he is. I was so happy he got what he deserved so I wanted to congratulate him @OneLoveCakes style.

Vanessa Barcelo of @OneLoveCakes
Rapper Flo Rida along with the drink Flo Rida

What happened that lead to the settlement

According to the original civil complaint, Flo Rida was taken on as a brand ambassador for Celsius from 2014 to 2018. During that period, Dillard played a critical part in the business's identity, evolution, and development. He presented Celsius on several platforms to people around the globe, and his legal team argued that the collaboration became a foundation for Celsius to expand its product portfolio. The corporation has unfailingly sold and amassed revenues for its dry products since then.

Dillard voiced his dismay with the decisions made by Celsius Holdings Inc., noting that even after he helped the organization gain status and success, they misrepresented the facts regarding the payoffs. The corporation might still appeal the judgment, but it is not presently known if they will.

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