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Flagler Street shines bright as Holiday Lights return with Miami Symphony Orchestra

Downtown Miami's Flagler Street transforms into a festive wonderland, adorned with holiday lights and serenaded by the Miami Symphony Orchestra in a revival decades in the making

Miami, get ready to witness a dazzling transformation as the holiday spirit descends upon Downtown's iconic Flagler Street after half a century. The Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA) proudly presents a spectacular event that marries the charm of the season with the soulful symphony of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO). In a city renowned for its vibrant culture, this celebration promises to be a feast for the senses, marking the beginning of a new era for Flagler Street.

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Flagler Street illumination to be a festive revival of holiday lights

For the first time in 50 years, Flagler Street is set to reclaim its status as a beacon of festivity with the unveiling of thousands of holiday lights. Thanks to the Downtown Miami Flagler Street Beautification project launched in May 2021, the Miami DDA's commitment to transforming this historic thoroughfare into a lively, festival-style boulevard is about to culminate in a spectacular display of energy-efficient LED lights. As the sun sets on November 17th, Flagler Street will come alive with a brilliance inspired by the vibrant spirit of Miami itself.

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Miami Symphony Orchestra takes the stage

The evening wouldn't be complete without the enchanting melodies of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. Positioned right on historic Flagler Street, MISO's 31-piece orchestra will fill the air with the harmonious sounds of the season. The 90-minute performance, free and open to the public, invites everyone to revel in the joy of the holidays against the backdrop of one of America's most iconic main streets. This musical extravaganza not only marks the beginning of the holiday season but also sets the stage for an urban revival that promises more exciting events in Downtown Miami's future.

Don't miss this extraordinary event! Join us on November 17th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM at Flagler Street and SE 3rd Ave. Bring your friends, family, and holiday spirit for an unforgettable night of lights and music. For more updates on Miami's vibrant scene, subscribe to Calle Ocho News' newsletter. Small businesses looking to shine in the city lights can also consult Calle Ocho News for top-notch advertising services. Let's make this holiday season in Miami one for the books!

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